What To Do For An Earache? 9 Remedies To Try At Home

The cause of ear pain can include colds/flu and infections. Besides the ear infection, you might also experience other symptoms like fever and hearing loss.

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Are you looking for natural earache treatments? This health condition is quite common but can be tough to deal with. That’s why you should learn what to do for an earache. Fun Fact: Over 90% of ear infections include viruses. One of the best ways to pick earache treatments is to determine the cause of the ear pain.

There are several home remedies you can pick including steam, oils, and apple cider vinegar. The main benefit of these natural remedies is that there are no strong chemicals. This can help you avoid unwanted side-effects, which can be quite tough to deal with when you’re already dealing with a painful earache.

When picking a home remedy you should first learn the cause of the earache. There are many possible ones including infections, earwax, and shampoo/water. The different causes of these conditions can result in different symptoms. It can also affect the best treatment for different situations. That’s why it’s important to learn the cause of the earache. In some situations, it’s obvious as if you feel water sloshing around in your ear. However, in other situations, you’ll need a doctor’s checkup and possibly tests run. This can get to the nitty-gritty of what’s actually causing your ear pain.

What Exactly IS An Earache?

Each pain usually clears up within time and doesn’t require any treatments. However, if the situation doesn’t improve or there are more severe symptoms then you should consider scheduling a doctor’s appointment.  

One of the wrong information people have is that only children and infants can get earaches. However, they can also happen among adults. In most cases, they affect just one ear but sometimes it’s both ears. There are different kinds of pain including dull or sharp. Ear pain might also stop and stop or be continuous.

The cause of ear pain can include colds/flu and infections. Besides the ear infection, you might also experience other symptoms like fever and hearing loss.

Heavy wax buildup inside the ear canal could trigger pressure/pain within the ear. Make sure that you use eardrops to remove earwax. Never stick anything inside your ear since it could cause eardrum damage. It could also push wax further into the ear. This would make it tougher to remove the wax.

Sometimes short-term hearing loss results in air pressure changes. This can happen when riding an elector or an airplane. In most cases, it doesn’t result in permanent hearing loss. You can get pain relief by taking steps like chewing gum.

A ruptured eardrum is another cause of earaches. When people have ear pain and clear/bloody fluid this might be a sign of a ruptured eardrum. This can be caused by neck/head injuries, and air/water pressure changes. This might result from activities like inner ear infections, scuba diving, etc.

An eardrum is “ruptured” when there’s a hole or dents in the membrane separating the ear’s inner/outer areas. This condition can cause pain and could cause short-term hearing loss. However, ruptured eardrums usually heal by themselves.

There are other conditions that can cause earaches. They include tinnitus. That causes ringing/buzzing ears. Fun Fact: Tinnitus affects around 20% of all people.

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What to Do for an Earache?


This is a folk remedy that some scientific studies support. The AAP reports it’s safe to add a few drops of warm olive oil to your ear.


This can help when the pressure in the ear canal causes the earache. You can reduce the pressure with some neck exercises. They include neck rotations.


This option has various features like pain-relieving and antibiotics. First, crush some crushed garlic for many minutes. This is done in either sesame or olive oil. Then strain the herb and add the oil to the ear canal.


Warm compresses or ice packs can help to relieve pain for ear pain. Both adults and kids can use this treatment. Place the warm compress/ice pack on the ear. Then switch in 10 minutes.


You can find these drops in some drug stores and at online retailers. Studies show that drops with herbal extracts and olive oil base might be even better than OTC ear drops.


This natural herb is anti-inflammatory and can help reduce earache pain. Add warmed ginger juice around the ear canal (outer). Avoid putting it into the ear directly.


This could include a warm shower or humidifier. This can help to deal with symptoms like inflammation and swelling. The warm/moist air can open/relax airways. That can help to lower pressure and reduce ear pain. You can then get back to your everyday life.


You can take over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers including Advil and others to help control pain linked to ear infections. Make sure to follow the dosage instructions. OTC medicines can also lower fever.


This natural remedy can be very effective. Put many hydrogen peroxide drops into the ear. Let it sit for many minutes. This allows it to drain into the sink. Use distilled water to rinse.

Tips to Prevent Ear Infections

Avoid allergy triggers

If you have allergies make sure to avoid your trigger, which can help to prevent ear infections. If you’re taking medicines then make sure to take them regularly. This can also help to reduce your risk of earaches and ear pain.

Avoid people with colds/flu

Make sure to take this step since colds and influenza can be contagious. You can catch these viruses when close to people who are coughing/sneezing.

Avoid smoking and smoke

It’s important to avoid smoking if you want to avoid ear infections. Consider that when you light a cigarette it produces 100+ toxic chemicals. So the smoke can cause lots of health issues, including ear infections.

You can also have the result from secondhand smoke. So even if you don’t smoke you should try to avoid smokers to help prevent ear infections and other health conditions triggered by contact with cigarette/e-cigarette/cigar smoke.

Stay up-to-date with vaccines

The issue of vaccines has been greatly debated in recent years. One of the main issues isn’t just whether you get vaccines but rather how many you get. It’s generally advisable to get certain critical ones. If not then boost your immune system.

Wash your hands properly

The problem is that people often don’t wash their hands correctly. Make sure to use warm water when you can. Wash your fingers, hands, and wrists. Wash your hands as long as it takes to sing the Alphabet Song. Finally, make sure to wash your hands 10x daily and even more during cold/flu season.

Keep your ears clean

This is something you should do anyway. However, it’s especially important to help prevent ear infections. Make sure you wash/dry your ears thoroughly after a shower or swimming. Avoid putting any objects in your ear. You can use options like ear drops after learning what to do for an earache.

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