Weightlifting Benefits To Your Health

One way to burn calories is with weightlifting. That’s why we will be looking at weightlifting benefits, as well as other benefits of lifting heavyweights.


There are so many things that you can try out when it comes to burning some calories. Some people would advise you to go on a strict diet. There are quite a lot of diets out there that would be able to help burn some calories. For some, the idea is doing a lot of exercises. Which includes weightlifting. This has been a thing for some time now and many people use this strategy when it comes to losing some pounds. So for today, we will be taking a look at calories burned weightlifting. Is this true? Find out as we go on. 

The truth is that many people know about weightlifting but very few understand that there is a lot to weightlifting than building muscle and losing pounds. There are quite many other benefits that come with weightlifting. And it’s important to understand what you stand to get with weightlifting. This way you would know that you sure aren’t wasting your time carrying those weights. Well, let’s dive into the discussion for today. 

Calories Burned On Weightlifting 

So we’ve established the fact that weightlifting is one of the best options for you when it comes to burning calories. But just how much can you burn? Well, the number of calories you can burn with weightlifting is dependent on different factors. And we will be taking a look at some of the factors here. This way you will have an idea of what to do so that you can burn more calories. 

One of the factors is the way your body works. Everyone is wired differently and different people have different metabolism rates. The thing with this is that it affects how fast things are built up in the body as well as how fast things are being broken down. So for people with a fast metabolism, you can expect that the rate of burning calories would be faster compared to someone with a slow metabolism. 

Another thing is the metabolic equivalents. When you are sitting and not doing anything you would expect that 1 MET which is the same as 1 calorie/kg body weight/ 1 hour. If you are lifting light weights then about 3 METs are being burned. And for really vigorous weightlifting it’s about 6 METS in an hour. This though could differ from person to person. 

Also, rest intervals are known to have an effect on just how many calories you lose. If you take a long rest in-between your weightlifting the number of calories that would be burned would be greatly reduced. It has been found out that when very short rests or no rest at all is taken there would be more calories burned off. And simply because the longer you work without taking a rest the more energy is needed because you would be getting tired. And with that more effort is exerted and this would lead to loss of more calories. 

Another thing is how heavy the weight is. If little to no effort is needed in lifting the weight then it wouldn’t be so effective. for losing some calories the best option for you would be to opt for moderate heavyweights. This would be able to do the trick is to lose some calories. If you can go for the very heavy weights then all good. This would increase the number of calories being lost. 

While weightlifting makes sure you go for the right exercise routines. And that’s because the type of routines you go for would also affect the number of calories you would lose. Your goal should be to opt for exercises that would involve the large muscles in your body. This way you are sure that more calories are being burned. 

Weightlifting Benefits To Your Health

There are quite a several benefits that come with lifting weights and we will be looking at some of them today. 

  • Make you stronger: This is one of the popular benefits that come with weightlifting. It helps in building your muscle strength and with that, it makes you a whole lot stronger. With this, it becomes a whole lot easier to do some tasks, especially for women. You would not only feel strong but you would also look stronger. 
  • Burns calories: This is also one of the reasons why people opt for weightlifting. With weightlifting, you would be able to burn some fat. Burning calories while weightlifting would help you reach your goal in your weight loss journey. And you can be sure that in no time you would be looking at how to want to look in terms of body mass. 
  • Brain building benefits: It might not sound like it but this happens to be one of the benefits that come with weightlifting. One thing that weightlifting does is that it increases the production of certain hormones in the brain. And with this, it helps improve the cognitive function of the brain. So according to studies, strength training such as lifting weights affects improving a person’s ability to think as well as learn. 
  • Helps you lose belly fat: The belly is one part of the body that stores a lot of fat that is difficult to lose. The good news though is that with weightlifting, losing belly fat becomes a whole lot easier. Many people have used weight lifting for losing some belly fat and it has been effective.
  • Reduces chances of injury: One thing with weight lifting is that it makes your body stronger. And with this, your connective tissues and bones become a lot stronger. This way the chances of getting injured reduces. It reduces certain symptoms such as joint pain, back pain, and even fibromyalgia. So many people that lift weights a lot can testify to this. 
  • Improves endurance: This is a given. Weight lifting is something that requires a lot of strength and endurance. That’s why after lifting weights for a while your endurance level becomes higher. This is most especially true with people that carry heavyweights. That’s why when it comes to weightlifting you always have to challenge yourself. Make sure you go for something that you wouldn’t be able to carry on a normal day. This way you can improve your endurance. 

Weight lifting benefits amongst other benefits have been experienced by a lot of people. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give it a try. You might just be surprised as to how effective it is.

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