Waist Trainer For Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

Waist trainers for weight loss are one of the trends out in the market. It is meant to squeeze the midsection and allow the waist to be smaller than the actual size. For weight loss, it gives off excessive sweating during workouts and training.

Waist trainer

There are a lot of weight-loss trends out in the market, and waist trainers for weight loss are one of them. Generally, the idea of a waist trainer is meant to squeeze the midsection and allow the figure to be used to the figure of the waist trainer. But the million-dollar question for this is that, does it work and how does a waist trainer help in losing weight? We must admit that with the growing trend of diets and weight loss programs, the world has a way of marketing it off with celebrities advertising it and using it. All you gotta do is google it and there you will find all kinds of waist shapers, waist trainers, and waist cinchers.

While it is true that the rise of popularity of waist trainers is due to celebrities endorsing them, we could also give it a benefit of the doubt that it could work. But just like any diet plan and weight loss journey, you must know how the exercise and diet routine works so that you can effectively supplement it in your weight loss journey and plan. In this read, we will know more about waist trainers for weight loss, their benefits and possible risks, and other options on how to shrink the waist and to manage losing weight in a matter of weeks. 

A Waist Trainer And All There Is To Know

Before we can go into the specifics on how waist trainers work, let’s get to know it first. Waist trainers, in general, are like an undergarment that is composed of hard boning metal and thick boning. It is worn in the midsection, and it is then wrapped up using Velcro up, lacing system, or hooks.

It is designed to be worn a bit tighter than that of shaping underwear or girdle so that you can be given a mirage of the smaller and sleeker waist. Yes, once you wear it, you may see an effect, but it is intended to be worn for a few months to see permanent effects as advertised.

Waist trainers are emulated from corsets that have been used for around five centuries already. It was originally designed to form and hide the shape of a woman’s waist in the hips and breasts area. Through the years since the year 1800s, it then evolved to accentuate the shape of a female’s body, and it has also paved the way to weight-loss claims. Due to various health concerns and discomfort from the tiny waist sizes used, it grew out of fashion, and the new wave of waist trainers rose into popularity and has been used ever since.

Waist Trainer For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

According to various research and health fitness gurus, a waist trainer for weight loss works. Yes, you heard it right. It works- but there are guidelines you need to follow so that you can maximize its use and purpose. True enough, it can be used as a part of your weight loss and fitness journey, but it’s important to remember that waist trainers are not some genie in a bottle that could make your weight drop in a poof. If you expect that by using a waist trainer alone and not following any healthy diet and lifestyle routine, think again because you are going to be disappointed.

How it Works

Once you decide to wear a waist trainer, it will stimulate the thermal activity deep in your core, and it will then cause you to sweat more in your midsection area. This could be essential when you are doing training or workout. The more sweat you see, the more assured you are that your body works hard and you’re on the right path in your workout routine. Health fitness guru recommends you try out first without a waist trainer and then see the difference when you try one. 

One thing to also note is that once you start wearing a waist trainer for weight loss, you may see an instant change in the size of your waist. It could be a drop of around 1-3 inches, and who would not be amazed to work on it every single day? Here are some of the claims that you can get when you use waist trainers and incorporate them in your weight loss journey. 

  • Those who wear waist trainers could see slimmer waistlines and flatter tummies if used at least 8 hours in a day. 
  • Waist trainers will give you the motivation to continue with your goal to lose weight as the results will make you do more.
  • Waist trainers could give you a better figure so your clothes would fit you better. Because of this, your posture could be improved and you may also have a boosted confidence as you get a better and positive perception of your body. 

It is stressed out that what weight loss effects that you can get from waist trainers, depends entirely on you and how you use these trainers in your daily lifestyle. You must be dedicated, and a healthy lifestyle must be incorporated in your diet and exercise too, as waist trainers would be without use if these are not followed. 

Expected Progress, Risks, and Nutrition Tips

As mentioned, the progress that you can expect when it comes to using waist trainers for weight loss varies. But it is recommended that you take photos, weight, and waist measurements every week to track weight loss progress.

Here are some of the expected benefits that you can get from waist trainers.

  • Better Posture. Since you will have your stomach squeezed in, waist trainers would push you to sit a bit straight and get an overall better posture.
  • Hourglass Figure. You will be amazed to see the instant transformation once you use it and it is said that if you wear it all day, you can maintain the shape. But health professionals warn that there should be a regulation on how it’s used as it’s not an instant shape former.
  • Decreased Appetite. The waist trainer will make you feel full, and because of this, you will eat less. Make sure you eat the right amount of nutritious meals to be incorporated into your diet for the best results. 


  • Digestive system issuesRemember that when you wear waist trainers, the insides of your body are crushed, too. Your stomach, esophagus, and intestines can be affected and heartburn or acid reflux could be a problem.
  •  Breathing problems. According to research, lung capacity could be lowered down to at least 30 to 60 percent if you use waist trainers. Since you will cinch your waist, it will be uncomfortable as well. 

There is no such thing as instant, and everything that is rushed either fails. Or worse, it could give off bad results. Waist trainers for weight loss could be effective when you use them and follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Without these factors considered, your money could go to the waist, and weight loss efforts would go down the drain.

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