Top 5 Keto-Friendly Dairy Products

Some types of diet restrict or minimize the intake of dairy products. But is the case the same for the keto diet?

keto friendly dairy products

Selected dairy products are very good for keto dieters. As they can supply the low carb to no carb requirement that the body needs in order to stay in ketosis. This may add extra fat into meals, may provide an appetite suppressing effect that makes one feel satisfied, and a supplier of other nutrition, like calcium. Butter and cheese are examples of keto friendly dairy products that can add more value to an existing keto diet.

But before we dive in with the keto friendly dairy products, let’s look first how dairy is viewed in the keto community.

What are Dairy Products?

Dairy products are a type of produce that were sourced from cattle, goat, sheep, and other mammals for milk to turn them into human foods like yogurt, cheese, milk, and butter. They are regarded as healthy and nutrient-rich foods because they contain calcium, protein, potassium, riboflavin, magnesium and other important nutrients that the body needs. One may get strong bones, enhanced bone mass development, and improved bone health. In addition, cultured dairy products, like yogurt and kefir, provide probiotics which are good bacteria inside the body.

How Does the Keto Community See Dairy Products?

It may have an undesirable impression to consume dairy products, for keto diet, because dairy contains sugar, which is carbs, as some dairy products have lactose that turns itself into glucose putting anyone out of ketosis. In other cases, food sensitivities from dairy products may cause allergies, the risk of heart disease, and other health problems.

Although these may be are some issues that are being considered by a number of dieters, there are some who see dairy products as healthy food and conveys a manageable way of consuming it. Some are trying to keep a moderate level of intakes while others are looking for dairy foods that have low to no carbs like mayonnaise, whipping cream, and cream cheese to name a few.

Top 5 Keto Friendly Dairy Products

In keto diet, it is important to take higher fats while lowering down the carbs with moderate protein intake. As some dairy products are known to have high carbs like chocolates, desserts, honey there are a number of dairy foods that have few carb contents which are good for keto. Here are the following:

  • Cheese

This dairy product contains very few carbs, probably has the lowest level of carbohydrates among all the chosen few. They are also rich in protein, has high saturated fat, and cholesterol. It has many varieties that can provide low carbs like:

  1. Cottage Cheese: the type of cheese that as a fairly low amount of carbs that is rich in
    protein and sodium content.
  2. Hard Cheese: the type of cheese that has fewer carbs than soft cheese.
  3. Soft Cheese: the type of cheese that has a good low amount of carbs and a flavor that
    is good to be added in any keto meal for its creaminess.
  • Butter

One of the few dairy foods that may be included on the keto diet menu that has good amount of saturated fats is the butter. It contains anti-cancer, anti-tumor properties, and increases good cholesterol (HDL) while reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) to a rarer negative form. Butter is a healthy fat and may provide added healthy benefits too like antioxidants, fat soluble vitamins A, E, D, and K2, decrease type 2 diabetes risks, and is good for the stomach.

Sour Cream
This quickly fermented dairy product is a delicious and very good addition to any keto meal. It has high fat, a nutrient rich dairy, and is good for the heart. Furthermore, it’s fermented so it has good bacteria that may contribute well to digestion.

  • Whipped Cream

This dairy has low to zero amount of carbs that may help in suppressing cravings of sugar and is a very good as a go to snack alternative for sweets. Anyone may enjoy this as an additional ingredient for their keto recipe as it brings new flavor and texture to the food making it attractive and deliciously appealing to the taste buds.

  • Cream Cheese

A flexible dairy product that is low in carbohydrates, rich in protein, has phosphorus content, vitamin A, and high fat. Cream cheese is a good ingredient to use in keto and other low-carb recipes as they are pasteurized milk which makes it safe to eat.

Is Dairy Good for the Keto Diet?

Dairy product consumption may be a good thing and a bad thing for the keto dieters. As most of the dairy products are high in carbohydrates, it is not seen as a good ingredient to add or consume while on keto, though they are very rich in nutrients, it may just cost a person out of the line in doing the diet. But, on a positive note, dairy is good in managing the ingredients by knowing how much of something must be taken to still keep and be at the level of ketosis. It may or may not be good, but following a program and knowing the amounts that one has to take is the key in making both ends meet.

It is also noteworthy to mention that choosing the ingredients, or making them, must be in accordance with the eating plan. Organic and raw fat options may be better compared to fat-free or reduced fat products as they have added sugar on their contents.


Keto diet is a lifestyle changing diet as it limits, or removes, most of the things that a normal person do. It is also very confusing to some because monitoring of the ketosis and ketones are very important to be successful with the diet. By being selective about dairy foods, it gives a new dimension for every dieter to enjoy food but under the keto way. In addition, it is best to look for alternatives than to restrict oneself by not eating something in this food group, as missing some of the important nutrients that can help the body be stronger and healthy is a lost opportunity.

keto-friendly dairy products

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