10 Signs That You are in Ketosis

Figuring out the signs that you are in ketosis is one of the hardest things when starting a keto diet. Check out these 10 signs of ketosis to help you with your keto journey.

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The ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate diet and high in fats. The main goal of the keto diet is to reach a metabolic state called ketosis. It is the state of the body where the bodies produce more ketosis as a source of energy of the body. When you are in ketosis level your body is burning fats instead of sugar. It’s not easy to figure out that you are already in a keto diet. Everybody reacts differently to a certain diet plan. But, there are things you need to watch out to know that you are in ketosis.

Signs That You Are In Ketosis

1. You are starting to lose weight

Losing weight is one of the most obvious signs that you are in a state of ketosis or you are interring ketosis. But other people did not experience losing weight that much because the effect may vary from person to person. You are losing weight not because you are burning fats. It is because you are releasing water from your body. It is a side effect of ketosis because of the fat cells held on your body. If your body cannot release water you cannot convert fat as energy. You may lose so much weight especially if you exercise frequently while following the keto diet.

2. Losing appetite

When you are in ketosis you will tend to lose your appetite because keto diet has an appetite suppression effect to the body. When your body already adjusted from keto diet from a high carb diet you won’t feel as hungry as before. During ketosis you won’t feel the earth-shattering feeling of being hungry you lose your appetite. In this state of metabolism, you find yourself eating find that you only need and what is necessary. The main reason of this is your body is doing its job efficiently in regulating hormones that will tell your brain that you need to eat more because you are super hungry.

Increased focus on energy

During ketosis, you can feel the extra energy because of the ketones present in the body as a result of fat burning as a source of energy. During ketosis, your body produces so many ketones. It makes your body more energetic and gives enough fuel to your brain. When our brain has enough fuel to work it will tell your body that you have extra energy. You will not feel hungry so it can increase your ability to focus more.


Short time fatigue is normal during ketosis. When your body is over in its transition and already adjusted to ketogenic diet your body well starts to experience from fatigue. But nothing to worry about short term fatigue because you can fight this by drinking plenty of water. During ketosis, your body releases so much water from your body that it may cause fatigue and you should replace it by drinking water and consuming enough sodium to replace the loose electrolytes from the body and to avoid dehydration.

Different toilet problem

During ketosis, you can experience different toilet problems such as constipation. Constipation is the result of losing too much fiber and magnesium from the body during the transition period from your usual meal plan to a keto diet. You need to eat more food that contains magnesium and fiber-like lintels and beans to avoid having constipation. Aside from constipation people who are in ketosis may suffer from diarrhea. This is because the body is shifting to a keto diet and adjustment takes place. But other keto followers did not experience diarrhea and constipation and they are lucky enough.

Keto breath

Maybe this is the most embarrassing side effect and sign that you are in a keto diet. Keto breath simply bad breath is embarrassing because you cannot explain to other people why you are having bad breath. The main cause of keto breath is the more acetone produce by the body during ketosis that release through your breath and urine. Keto breath won’t last long it will go after your body adjusts from ketosis. To manage your keto breath you can chew some gum especially mint gum.

Increased ketones in the body

During ketosis, ketones increase in the body that can cause bad breath and other side effects during the transition. To check your ketone level you can use test strips or glucose meter.

Feeling tired

This is the result of cutting carbs from your daily meal but this is just temporary. After your body adjusted from the transition you can feel more energetic than before. During this time it’s beneficial to do more exercise because your body will make more effort to burn more fats. According to some studies, those athletes who follow keto diet burn about 230% more fat during the diet plan.

Keto flu

Keto flu is one of the obvious signs that you are already in ketosis. This is characterized by dizziness and other flu-like symptoms. Keto flu is the result of the flushed water from the body. To manage keto flu you should drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

Dry mouth

If you are in ketosis already you may experience dry mouth because of the excessive acetone release in the body because of ketones. Ketones usually increase in the body during ketosis that’s why your mouth may dry and sometimes accompanied by metallic taste. This sign and symptoms may go away after a few days or weeks depends on how your body adapts shifting or transition.

Figuring out the signs that you are in ketosis is one of the hardest things for those who are following the ketogenic diet. Everyone is different and our body will react differently from the diet plan. There is no concrete guide on how to reach ketosis. The most important thing in reaching ketosis is you need to cut your carbs and sugar intake and you should replace it with fats as an energy source. You can gain beneficial things interring ketogenic diet. Since you are also cutting carbs to your daily intake, you can avoid the risk of having diabetes and being obese and other health problems.

Signs that you are in ketosis

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