Top 10 Rowing Machine Benefits For Health And Fitness

Rowing machine benefits are tremendous. These machines work just like you are rowing a boat in reality. They simulate similar body movements and resistance. This, in turn, improves physical health and fitness, as well as boosts strength and power.

Rowing Machine

Rowing is indeed a calming and relaxing sport. You will enjoy it more at dawn hours when the waters are still calm. The setting would be blissful and you can meditate as you exercise. This makes it a very excellent exercise. But then, not everyone knows how to row a boat or have the nerves to stay on the water. Even if you know how to, the chances that you will make it to the water every morning are very slim. Well, that’s where rowing machines come in. You can find them in local gyms or buy one for yourself. Another name for the rowing machine is “an ergometer”. Rowing machine benefits are tremendous. These machines work just like you are rowing a boat in reality. They simulate similar body movements and resistance. This, in turn, improves physical health and fitness, as well as boost strength and power.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, your fitness plan must include aerobic exercise or cardio equipment. This would contribute greatly to your fitness and overall health. Since rowing is an aerobic exercise, the use of a rowing machine offers this benefit. Aside from raising heart rate and boosting cardiac function, a rowing machine has many other benefits. It can support weight loss, boost immunity, and increase stamina. More so, your body would release endorphins while you row on an ergometer. Endorphins, in turn, improve sleep quality and mood. As you read on, we will tell you the top 10 benefits you can get from a rowing machine.

Rowing Machine Benefits

1. Enhances the cardio-respiratory system

A rowing machine would help enhance the ability of your lungs to supply your blood with oxygen. Your heart then pumps the oxygen-rich blood to other body parts. With adequate oxygen amounts in your blood, your heart would not have to work extra hard to meet the need of your organs.

If your heart has to work extra hard, there is a high risk of developing heart disease. But if you do aerobic exercises like rowing, you can enhance your cardio system and protect your heart from the extra burden of pumping.

2. Boosts heart function

This may seem like the first point above but it is different. The first point refers to how rowing affects lung function which, in turn, enhances the cardio and respiratory system. But this refers to how rowing directly affects heart function.

Rowing engages many muscle groups at the same time. More so, these large muscles are being used in a nonstop and steady manner. Can you imagine exercise all your major muscles without having to carry weight? That’s exactly what rowing machines offer.

3. Supports weight loss

Experts have confirmed that rowers use more than two times the calories that runners expend. In fact, if you row for 2,000 meters, you would burn about 2 times the calories that a person who runs for 3,000 meters would burn. Isn’t that amazing?

But there’s still more. Rowing is a low impact exercise. As such, you won’t have the kind of fatigue, muscle tear, and joint pain that often accompanies high-intensity activities like running.

4. Stabilizes your body composition

A rowing machine can also help balance out your fat-free mass and fat mass. This healthy balance is very pivotal for good health. If your body analysis indicates that there is excess fat-mass (even if you are slim), rowing can burn off the fat.

5. Offers low-impact exercise

Rowing, whether competitive or recreational, is very unique. Most sports don’t compare to it in any way. This exercise engages your legs, arms, back, and all other major muscles. But the impact of this sport is very low.

If you execute your rowing properly, the safe motion would provide little to no possibility for serious injuries. These are very likely occurrences in high-impact and contact sports.

6. Offers full-body workouts

Rowing machines work the middle and lower back, calves hamstrings, biceps, and gluteal muscles. There is hardly any cardio machine that works the full body this way.

7. Helps build muscle strength

Rowing machines primarily work the quadriceps muscles. These are the large muscles located in the front part of your thighs. You need these muscles to extend your knee and flex your hip.

So as you row, you will be making great leg movements to improve your quadriceps’ strength. This, in turn, improves exercises and activities such as jogging, walking, squats, and lunges would be more efficient.

8. Improves joint and muscle mobility

Rowing can condition many different joints and muscles and not strain them. This makes rowing ideal for people who suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis.

Your joints and muscles would experience a vast range of movements during rowing. In the long run, these movements would increase flexibility and minimize stiffness. In essence, rowing can help loosen your joints and muscles.

9. Reduces stress

When you are rowing, you are making rhythmic and consistent activities. This rhythm is so relaxing that you can even meditate while rowing. This would have a great impact on lowering stress levels.

10. Stabilizes your body

Rowing helps to fire up your neutralizer and stabilizer muscles. Those are the muscles that help prevent a fall and protect your back when you’re lifting a weighty box or child. Your trunk or core would become stronger and you would be able to handle off-balanced movements better.


Your fitness journey would be less complicated if you use rowing machines. Using this equipment is not only very easy to use and simple to master. More so, it is ideal for all ability levels and age groups. All you need to do is get the proper techniques right.

It’s not difficult to spend when you understand the value of the equipment. But thankfully, many basic rowing machines cost less than 200 USD. More so, while you are yet to get one, you can still enjoy rowing machine benefits by using one at any local gym. However, getting one for yourself may be cost-effective in the long run.

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