Red Yeast Rice: Benefits And Side Effects

Red yeast has been discovered for a while now. And it comes with a lot of benefits as well as some side effects. We will be looking at both red yeast rice side effects as well as the benefits.

Red Yeast Rice

The research sector is fast expanding. And because of this, there are new developments in the health sector. People have been able to find out more things that are beneficial to the human race. And of these things happens to be red yeast rice. This rice is red and fermented. The reason why it has that color is that it is cultivated with a type of mold called Monascus purpureus. This rice was used a long time ago in traditional Chinese culture. And it is known to come with a lot of benefits. Since it was discovered it has been used for many purposes. And at the same time, it is believed to have some side effects. For the day we will be looking at red yeast rice side effects. 

In the past decade, red yeast rice has been used by many pharmaceutical companies. And that’s because of the medicinal effect of this rice. You would commonly see supplements on the shelves of pharmacies that contain red yeast rice. One of its main benefits is reducing high cholesterol levels in the body. Well, there are many other benefits that it offers. And we will be looking at that as we go on today. You have to keep scrolling to find out more about red yeast rice.

Red Yeast Rice Benefits 

May help improves heart health

We all know that one of the most common health conditions in town happens to be heart problems. Heart disease is known to cause more than 30% of deaths all around the world. 

There are many risk factors for heart diseases and one of them happens to be high cholesterol levels. When there is a high level of cholesterol in the body it can cause stiffening and narrowing of arteries. And this, in the end, would increase the risk of having heart problems such as a heart attack. 

One of the well-known benefits of red yeast rice happens to be reducing cholesterol levels. And with this, it helps improve heart health. The good thing is that the side effects that come with this are much lesser than the ones that come with other drugs. 

May help deal with metabolic syndrome

There is a syndrome that is known to increase the risk of a person having chronic conditions. This syndrome is known as metabolic syndrome. Such chronic conditions are stroke, diabetes, and other heart diseases. 

There are some criteria for this syndrome. And these criteria are excess fat in the body, high blood pressure, changes in triglyceride or cholesterol level, and increased blood glucose level. 

Some studies have been carried out and these studies show that red yeast rice may affect treating this syndrome. At the same time, it could be a good natural option for preventing this syndrome. There are small studies that show that it can indeed reduce the level of cholesterol, blood sugar, and even blood pressure. 

May reduce inflammation

One of the normal processes that happen in the body happens to be inflammation. This is the way the body helps protect the body from any form of foreign invader. The thing though is that inflammation that happens for a long time can be harmful to the body. And this can lead to some chronic conditions. 

Some studies show that red yeast rice may affect reducing inflammation in the body. At the same time, it is a good option for promoting health for a long period. 

May have anticancer effects

This is one benefit that is still being studied. The research is still limited to animal studies. But even at that, there is evidence that it might be a good product for dealing with cancer. It reduces the growth of cancer cells. The studies show some positive results but more studies and research is still needed to confirm this benefit. 

Ingredients in supplements

The active form of red yeast rice is known as Monacolin K. It is commonly used in medications and statins that are cholesterol-lowering. This ingredient is known to be very active because of the benefits that come with its mother compound. 

There are now many supplements that contain this active compound. And because of these drugs that contain Monacolin K are now being regulated by the FDA. And they are also now given stricter regulations. The thing though is that the effectiveness of these products isn’t certain. And we can’t tell if the products offer the same benefits as the red yeast rice itself.  

Red Yeast Rice Side Effects 

There are a lot of benefits that come with red yeast rice. But even at that, some adverse effects, come with it as well. And it must be discussed so that you would have an idea of what to expect when you start consuming red yeast rice. 

Some common adverse effects are GI problems. Such as stomach pain, bloating, and gas. In some cases, it could be extreme problems such as allergic reactions, muscle problems, and liver problems. 

That’s why following the required dosage is very important. At the same time, when getting the product make sure you get from a reliable source. 

Since the studies and research are not yet extensive make sure you don’t take it if you’re breastfeeding or pregnant. This is to avoid any form of problem with your baby. 


For clinical trials the dosage used was 200-4800mg. The advised dosage is about 1200-2400mg in a day. Make sure you divide it into 2 or 3 doses. But just to be safe, make sure to carry your doctor along. This would help you avoid any form of adverse effects that come with this product. 

Bear in mind that when getting any products, you get the best products. Go for high-quality products that would be effective. Also, with that, you can be sure that the red yeast rice side effects would be likely reduced. That’s about it for red yeast rice. Hopefully, you will be able to find good brands that offer the products at affordable prices.

Red Yeast Rice: Benefits And Side Effects

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