8 Best Natural Testosterone Supplements For Men

If you want to boost your male hormones then consider natural testosterone supplements for men. This can provide several benefits like heart health, stronger bones, muscle gains, and increased libido.

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Do you want to boost your testosterone levels? There are various methods, including food, exercise, and natural testosterone supplements for men. Fun Fact: Testosterone levels peak in men at 18/19 years old then decreases for the rest of a person’s lifetime. You can boost your levels through methods like hormone injections. The problem is such options can cause unwanted side-effects. If you want to use a holistic (whole-body) option, then you should consider natural dietary supplements, which have fewer/milder side-effects. That can help reduce your exposure to synthetic ingredients that are often added to food and supplements.

Testosterone is often known as a male hormone, although both genders have it. It provides several body functions related to facial/body hair, muscles, bones, and sex drive. The levels start dropping in a man’s 20s and at a faster rate during midlife and senior years. So it’s important to make sure your body’s testosterone levels are high enough. There are various ways you can boost them, including diet and exercise. You can also increase your hormone levels through supplements and injections. The best option is natural supplements since they lack synthetic ingredients that could cause unwanted side-effects. They can still be effective in boosting your levels of the natural hormone.

What Exactly Is Testosterone?

We often hear that testosterone is a “male hormone.” That isn’t quite accurate. The reason is that women have testosterone, and men have estrogen. The main issue is the amount that each gender has. For example, men have more testosterone than women, but both genders require the hormone.

What’s the hormone all about? Testosterone is one of the sex hormones in men and has many important functions related to: 

  • Bone growth/strength
  • Facial/body hair and blading
  • Muscle size/strength
  • Puberty development (penis, testes, etc.)
  • Sex drive

Studies show that testosterone might help to control mood. More research is needed, but this is one of the theories about the hormone. It might have other functions that researchers haven’t discovered yet.

In men, the body’s testosterone production is controlled by signals that travel from the brain to a gland at the brain’s base. Then the gland sends the signals to the testes to make testosterone.

There’s also a system for controlling testosterone levels in the blood. The brain sends a signal when the levels are too high, which results in less production.

It’s worth noting that testosterone is also produced in women’s ovaries and a different gland. The male hormone has many important functions in women related to bone strength, ovary function, and sex drive.

How does the body make testosterone? It’s processed using cholesterol. However, high cholesterol levels don’t mean you have high testosterone levels.

It turns out that it’s quite rare for men to have high testosterone levels. Events like barroom brawls and road rage might be more related to the male ego.

Natural Testosterone Supplements for Men

  1. FENUGREEK: This herb is famous for increasing breastmilk production. However, it’s also believed to boost testosterone. That might happen by lowering enzymes that change testosterone to estrogen. Multiple studies show this effect.
  2. VITAMIN D: This vitamin is made in the skin when sunlight contacts it. Active Vitamin D works like a steroid hormone within the body. Boosting the vitamin through sunlight exposure or supplements might also increase testosterone levels and improve sperm quality.
  3. GINGER: This super-herb has been used for centuries in alternative medicine. Some studies show it might help to increase levels of male testosterone. It might also provide other benefits like lower inflammation.
  4. ASHWAGANDHA: One study showed that ashwagandha boosted the hormone’s levels by 17%. It might also lower cortisol hormones by about 25%, which also might help.
  5. ZINC: This mineral is included in 100+ chemical processes in the human body. It’s believed the mineral can help to boost male hormone levels. A study showed that reducing zinc foods lowered testosterone levels.
  6. PROTEIN: Options like protein powders and BCAA tablets could help to boost your hormone levels, including testosterone. Consuming enough protein can help boost fat loss, which is linked to the hormone. There are many other benefits you can get from protein. It’s important to muscles, skin, and even the brain’s signal-senders known as neurotransmitters.
  7. D-ASPARTIC ACID: An amino acid in the human body that can boost testosterone levels. Studies show that it mainly works by boosting a particular hormone. Another one helps to produce more testosterone in the testes.
  8. DHEA: This natural hormone in the human body helps to boost testosterone and control estrogen levels. This substance has had the most research done related to testosterone increases.

Top Tips to Boost Testosterone Naturally

1. Get enough sleep

Make sure you’re getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. That is critical for various reasons. That can be just as critical as healthy food and regular exercise. That allows your body to recharge and fuel up for the next day.

It might also help with your hormone levels. One study showed that sleeping for 5 hours/night triggered a 15% drop in the participants’ testosterone levels.

2. Hit the gym

Studies show that exercises like weight-lifting can boost your testosterone levels. It helps to explain why it’s easier for men to build muscle mass. Some studies have linked regular exercise to higher levels of the male hormone.

3. Avoid estrogen-like chemicals

That includes some kinds of plastics that contain such chemicals. These products can reduce your testosterone levels, which is something you’ll want to avoid. The situation can worsen if you’re daily exposed to the chemicals.

4. Reduce stress

Make sure to avoid long-term stress, which can boost the cortisol hormone. This seems to have various effects on the body, including lower testosterone levels. High-stress levels can cause various issues like weight gain and high cortisol levels. These factors could be linked to lower testosterone levels.  

5. Take dietary supplements

Supplements like zinc, vitamin D, and ginger function as testosterone boosters. Others like ashwagandha are less known, but studies show they might boost the male hormone.

Besides herbal supplements, there are also Vitamin/Mineral supplements to consider. Some critical ones to consider including Vitamin A, Bs, C, E, and zinc. Some studies show they can help to boost your levels of the male hormone.

It’s important to talk to your doctor before taking any new dietary supplement. That can help to avoid “interactions” with other supplements/medicines when taking natural testosterone supplements for men.

Natural Testosterone For Men

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