The Best Barbell Landmine Workout Abs Exercises

Landmine workout abs include an angled barbell to target the ab muscles. The equipment is used for exercises like kneeling press, windshield wiper, and hand-to-hand pass.

landmine workout abs

Do you want 6-pack abs? If you want to get washboard abs then it’s important to do exercises like landmine workout abs. This includes under-used gym equipment that’s an angled barbell. Fun Fact: The first modern barbells were invented in the 1860s for European gyms. They included barbells with fixed weights on either end. Today there are many options in terms of equipment and exercises to build strong abdominal muscles. It’s also important to reduce total body fat otherwise the ab muscles won’t be visible. This explains why there’s no “spot reduction” of fat. The key is to build ab muscles while burning fat. This will help to produce the best results.

A barbell landmine is an angled bar that provides new options. That’s because you can do ab exercises that aren’t possible with regular barbells/dumbbells. That’s due to the barbell’s position, which is different from options like standard bench press, bicep curl, and shoulder press. A strong core is critical for overall health and provides stability that can improve your other weight-resistance exercises during gym workouts. Like starting other gym equipment it’s important to know the form, function, and exercises for barbell landmines. This will help to maximize the effectiveness of ab workouts.

What Is Landmine Exercise Equipment?

The barbell landmine is one of the most under-used pieces of gym equipment. That said, it can also provide an outstanding workout for different major muscle groups including abdominal muscles. If you’re trying to get 6-pack abs you should certainly consider the angled dumbbell.

This weightlifting equipment provides exercises you can’t do with standard barbells/dumbbells.  It all starts with knowing how to set up the equipment. The angled barbell movement involves one end of the barbell on the ground and the weightlifter’s hand holding the other end.

This equipment has been trending in recent years for strength training. One of the main reasons is you can get in a solid core workout. The reason is a lifter must tighten their core to lift heavyweights.

There are various benefits of these exercises including more safety since one end of the barbell is secured to the floor. This is a plus in terms of safety issues.  When doing strength-training the “safety first” rule should always apply.

Another major benefit of this gym equipment is it’s very easy to learn. This is critical to provide various benefits. This allows you to lift heavier than dumbbells that usually only go up to 100 pounds or so.

Another benefit is the angled bar allows you to do weightlifting movements that you can’t do with standard barbells/dumbbells. You can do various exercises with vertical/horizontal pushes that provide a combo you can’t get with a traditional barbell/dumbbell. Some examples include:

  • Squat
  • Single-Arm Row
  • Deadlift

Just about every landmine exercise uses the core muscles in one way or another. For example, in some exercise, the lifter holds the bar to the side. There’s a wide range of options including Olympic lifting.

If you’re an athlete you should certainly consider landmine exercises. They can improve sports performance by focusing on movements you can use in your sport.

Top Landmine Workout Abs

Tall-Kneeling Press

First, knees on the knees and place legs approximately shoulder-width. You can narrow the hip-width to make the exercise more challenging. You can also place them together.

Hold one end of the bar using locked fingers. Make sure to squeeze glutes to make sure hips remain open and abs can engage. When at the starting point the bar ought to be upper-level of the chest. Next, press weight away from you. Make sure your body is tight the entire time. Then slowly lower the weight and repeat the rep.

Half-Kneeling Press

First, get INTO THE HALF-KNEELING POSITION. Then hold one of the landmine bar’s ends. Rest it on the shoulder that’s opposite the leading leg. Lean the hips in a little so the front knee is over the toes. Then squeeze glute on the back leg to establish a hip position that’s open/stable.

Make sure not to bring a freehand inwards to help. You should also keep it away from the body. The next step is to move the rest of the body and press the dumbbell bar away from the shoulder. It should be straight forward. Slowly lower the weight then repeat the rep.  

Windshield Wiper

Stand straight up with feet approximately shoulder-width distance. Hold landmine bar using both hands and fingers locked. The arms ought to be extended completely in front of you.

Next, use a big arcing motion so you shift the bar over the body’s left side. Keep the right arm straight and let the left elbow bend while the barbell gets to the waist level. Make sure to use your head/chest to follow the bar. Make sure to twist from the mid-section.

Using one motion turn the bar to the other side completely. Then do the same movement on the right side. It’s one complete repetition. Then repeat the movement for the next rep.

Top Benefits of Strong Core

Sports Performance

Core-strengthening muscles can provide several benefits for different sports. That includes football, baseball, basketball, and tennis. You can improve your performance in all these sports and others by strengthening your core muscles.

Boost Balance

These are all important for your everyday life including at work, home, gym, and so on. When you make the abdominals stronger that in turn helps to boost coordination/balance. This can provide several benefits including standing, sitting, and running. These are key benefits whether you’re sitting at home, standing at work, or running in the gym.

Brain Function

This might be a surprising one. It turns out when you do certain exercises you can stimulate a certain area in the brain. This affects different areas including coordination, balance, and other factors.

Improved Flexibility

Core exercises can help to make the lower back stabilized. This can provide benefits for ligaments/muscles. A stabilized back helps to reduce stress/tension. This, in turn, provides an improved range of motion and better flexibility.

Faster Running

This might be a surprising one since running mostly involves the lower body. Core muscles are quite important for keeping the torso straight when you run. That, in turn, helps different body parts to work better. That includes the pelvis, hips, and back. When they work together better this makes your legs stronger. This is important for running since you’ll maximize power.

Stabilizes Lower Back

When training the core the lower back also gets stronger/healthier. This helps to make back pain less likely. Another key benefit is core strength can help when doing weightlifting. That’s because a strong core can help to prevent injuries through landmine workout abs.

Top Landmine Workout Abs

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