Keto Side Effects: How to Deal with Ketosis Breath

If you experience keto breath do not worry about it it’s pretty normal while you are in ketosis.

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Keto diet has different side effects to keto diet follower especially those who are in an adjustment period and one of the ketogenic diet side effects is having a foul breath or “ketosis breath”. It’s hard to have such foul breath people will judge you that you are unhygienic though this side effect is normal to those who are following a keto diet.

If you experience keto breath do not worry about it it’s pretty normal while you are in ketosis. There is a lot of reason why you experience keto breath one of the reason is the increase of ketones in your body that can possibly cause a foul odor in your breath. When your bodies completely adapt ketosis keto breath will go away.

It’s really embarrassing having bad breath while socializing and you can’t explain to other people why do you have bad breath. But having keto breath is a good sign that you already reach the state of ketosis.

Since ketosis is hard to reach one of its identification is having foul breath. But you don’t need to worry about it because there are things you can do to manage your foul breath.

How to Deal With Ketosis Breath

  1. Increase fluid intake: Drink a lot of fluid especially water. Fluids can wash out bacteria from your mouth. To prevent foul odor from your mouth make sure you are hydrated and it will also good for your health during ketosis.
  2. Consume less protein: Eating lots of protein during ketosis is not good because it can produce bad smell to your mouth and eating lots of protein can kick you out my state of ketosis.
  3. Clean your teeth and mouth: Do oral hygiene being always clean to our mouth will make you away from keto breath. Even not in keto diet medical practitioner advice that you need to brush your teeth after a meal to avoid bad breath and to promote personal hygiene.
  4. Eat carbohydrate: Even do you are in Ketogenic diet you can still eat carb base food but do not overeat so that you can still stay in ketosis. Carb can help you to reduce bad breath but you need to remember that you are not allowed to eat plenty of carbs since the keto diet is strict in consuming carb.
  5. Chew some gums: If you are not confident enough you can chew some gums while talking to other people but it seems so bothersome. But you need to be careful with other gums because it contains carbs and high in sugar.
  6. Peppermint: Taking some peppermint can manage your bad breath because of the pleasant aroma from peppermint it can control unwanted bacteria to your mouth that cause an unpleasant smell. You can use peppermint oil as a refreshing drink and help to make your breath pleasant.
  7. Stimulate salivation: Saliva content pH that can washout bad smell to our mouth and control the development of bacteria inside our mouth. When you are not speaking allow your saliva to pool inside your mouth for a small period of time so that your saliva will maintain the healthy environment of your mouth and those unwanted bacteria will not multiple.
  8. Eat some refreshing herbs: If you can buy some refreshing herb in the grocery buy some because it can be a very big help to get rid of the bad smell in your mouth while you are in a keto diet.

Reason of Bad Breath While in a keto diet

  • Ketones: Ketones is one of the main reasons why people who follow the keto diet suffer from bad breath. When our body is in ketosis state fatty acid from your liver will breakdown and turns into ketone that may release to your mouth and urine that can cause bad breath. Ketones are usually not harmful it will be released by urinating and breathing, when our mouth smells like nail polish remover it is a sign of having ketosis.
  • Protein: Protein can make our breath bad even if we are not into a keto diet. When our body starts to digest food it starts to develop ammonia which becomes urine. But if our body fails to digest the excess proteins the body will develop bacteria that cause the ammonia to be discharge in the way of breathing that causes foul odor. Protein-rich food can be stuck on our teeth that leads the bacteria to grow faster on it. This also can be a factor of having bad breath; if you stop eating your saliva production will be less. All of us know that the saliva helps to drive away bacteria from our mouth if we have less amount of saliva in our mouth may give us an unpleasant odor.
  • Poor oral hygiene: One of the reasons why people suffer from keto breath is that they did not follow the correct oral hygiene even before they are not into a keto diet. Poor oral hygiene can build up different bacteria in your mouth that will lead to inflammation, plaque formation that will result to increase susceptibility to cavities.
  • The food we eat: The food we eat can also cause bad breath like sulfurous food. These foods can cause strong smell in our mouth area that if you will not brush your teeth after a meal can cause a foul smell later.

How Long Does Keto Breath Last?

Keto breath will disappear after our body reaches ketosis and fully adapted state of ketosis. If the body fully adapted ketosis the number of ketones will decrease in our body and it means the foul breath in your mouth will also decrease. And if your body begin to use fat as a source of energy there is a small chance that you can have bad breath.

Keto breath will disappear according to your lifestyle. It will depend on you how to reach ketosis base on the food you eat and how you discipline yourself on eating carbohydrates. Usually, keto breath will just last for one week but for some, it can be longer or shorter. After your adjustment period surely you will able to adjust with your macros. The most important thing you need to do to get rid of your keto breath is to reach ketosis state early.

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