Vitamins and Minerals that Help with Keto Diet

This article will explore and provide ideas on good sources of the essential keto vitamins and nutrients.

Keto Vitamins and Minerals

I first heard about the keto diet from my friend when we agreed to be fitness partners. We both aimed to lose weight and be back to our healthy selves in three months time. Keto diet is just starting to be popular at that time as many celebrities have begun to try them. And of course, they testified of the impressive results this dieting method gave them. At first, I was hesitant to try the ketogenic diet as the calorie counting was working with me. But then, I heard that the keto diet allows you to eat meat and other foods that are rich in healthy fats. These are normally discouraged in other diet techniques, so, I became interested and tried it.

Keto diet works in the idea that your body will get into a metabolic state called ketosis once you lessened your glucose or carbohydrate intake. When you get into ketosis, your body will use your body fats, turn them into ketones and use them as your energy source instead of your usual stored glucose.

As much as keto diet offers you health benefits such as weight loss, just like other dieting methods, there are risks associated with this one such as being malnourished. There are also side effects when you implement and stick to the ketogenic diet. This is why it is good to know the keto vitamins and minerals to have to prevent the negative effects of the ketogenic diet. To learn more about keto vitamins and minerals, here are some of the reasons why we should always have the keto vitamins and minerals that our body needs throughout your weight loss journey.

Manage Keto Flu Symptoms

A very alarming side effect of getting into ketosis is the keto flu. This condition happens when the body starts to get into this metabolic state but lacks the keto vitamins and minerals that are important to support this transition. To ensure a smoother transition, it is best to take additional supplements to get the keto vitamins and minerals that we need.

Prevent Malnourishment During Ketosis

Since the ketogenic diet has some sort of restrictions in the food to take, your intake of starchy fruits and vegetables will be limited. In this regard, you might not get the other vitamins and minerals that are present in these foods. This is where keto vitamins and minerals comes in. By adding supplements with the essential keto vitamins and minerals, you are ensured that your body stays healthy during the transition.

Exploring the Vital Keto Vitamins and Minerals

As we already know, the ketogenic diet focuses on a low-carbohydrate and high-fat diet. Potassium, sodium, and magnesium are the top three keto vitamins and minerals needed to support our body needs. These three are expected to help supply the electrolytes that we might lose when the body gets into ketosis. Electrolytes are also essential for blood pressure control and muscles functioning.

1. Sodium

Normally we are discouraged to eat meals with sodium as they can have negative impacts on our health. However, if you are practicing the keto diet, having extra sodium in your daily diet is important to prevent other heart palpitations, fatigue, constipation as well as headaches. According to experts, daily sodium intake should be about 3,000 milligrams at the minimum and 5,000 milligrams at the maximum. Having organic bone broth and eating seafood and sea vegetables can provide you the additional sodium that your body needs.

2. Magnesium

Our cells need magnesium to function properly. It is sad to say that around 57% of Americans lack magnesium to support cell processes. We can obtain enough magnesium by taking supplements with 500 milligrams of this nutrient on a daily basis before going to bed. You can also boost your leafy green vegetables and nuts intake to add magnesium to your diet.

3. Potassium

I have heard cases of people being brought to the emergency room due to a lack of potassium. This is why I highlighted potassium as one of the most essential keto vitamins and minerals that dieters should have. Similar to sodium, potassium is essential in boosting the electrolytes in our system which play an important role during the transition to ketosis. However, as a reminder, it is best to keep the potassium intake to about 3,000 milligrams at the most a day as exceeding this limit could be toxic to our body.

4. Calcium

Another nutrient needed by those in a keto diet is calcium. They tend to diminish from our body before and during ketosis. We need an extra boost of calcium to maintain goof health. As we know, dairy products and vegetables such as kale and broccoli are high in this nutrient. You can also add fish and almond milk to your daily diet to ensure that you obtain the essential keto vitamins and nutrients.

Other Critical Keto Vitamins and Minerals

Aside from magnesium, valcium, potassium and sodium which are important to boost our electrolytes level for ketosis, the other critical keto vitamins and minerals that dieters should have in their diet are the omega 3s, vitamin A and vitamin D.

1. Omega 3s

Among the important fatty acids, omega-3s are essential to ensure that our cognitive functioning stays healthy. These fatty acids are also vital to manage inflammation and help address health diseases. Additional volume of fatty fish and vegetables in your daily diet will help provide you with omega-3s. Intaking fish oil will also do the trick.

2. Vitamin A

Still think that you lack the essential keto vitamins and nutrients? Then you might want to add organ meats to your daily meals. These are good sources of vitamin A that you will need to fight autoimmune diseases that might attack you during ketosis.

3. Vitamin D

Lastly, the most essential of all keto vitamins and nutrients is vitamin D. A lot of our body functions will improve if we have the right amount of vitamin D in our system. Among the benefits from these are inflammation regulation and immunity improvement. You can supply your body with the vitamin D needed by taking supplements with fat solubles daily.

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