Keto Side Effects: What to Do About Keto Headache

If you are undergoing a keto diet, you might encounter other side effects aside from headache, including keto flu, keto diarrhea, and constipation.

Keto Headache

During the diet, you can experience a lot of things. This is because your body is undergoing change, which in this case is lessened your food intake. If you are undergoing a keto diet, you might encounter other side effects including keto flu, keto diarrhea, and constipation.

Another side effect that you would most likely experience is a headache. But what is the main cause of this, and what can you do about it? Continue reading to find out.

Keto headache

Unfortunately, unlike other keto side effects, you are most likely to experience a headache. Here are the possible reasons for this:

  • Your body is adapting to your new lifestyle

Of course, your body is probably used to eating tons of carbohydrates. So when you decide to go for a low-carb, high-fat diet, your body will be confused. This is also called an induction phase or body withdrawal.

  • Loss of glucose

During the induction phase, your brain will start burning glucose. Take note that glucose gives you energy, so if this lessened, your body will experience complications, including a headache.

  • Stressful for the body

Eventually, your body will become stressed due to the lack of nutrients in your body. You will have low blood sugar levels as well. When this happens, your body will send a signal to your brain which will then lead to the burning of glycogen. In addition, your body will start being stressed with the sudden change thus leading to a headache.

  • Dehydration

Once you start keto diet, your body will start excreting electrolytes and water, making your body dehydrated. Other than lessening the water in your body, it can also give you headaches.

Should You Be Worried?

Not at all. Keto headaches are normal since your body is undergoing change. Also, the headache will only last for 24 hours so you no longer have to go to your doctor when this happens.

If you are lucky, you might not even experience this at all. But do take note that there are rare cases in which a headache lasts for 15 days or more. This might not be related to the keto diet anymore so it is best to check the main cause first.

What you should do when you have a keto headache?

Lucky for you, there are different ways you can do to cure your headache. There can be instances that you can just let it be since it will not take too long before it is gone. But in case you really do want the pain to be removed, you can do the following:

1. Drink bone broth

Although it may seem unusual for you, bone broth can actually eliminate the headache. All you need to do is drink 2 cups of the broth for you to get sodium. If the broth that you have chosen is bland, you can add butter to it. Even better, butter contains a lot of fat so it can easily blend well with your keto diet.

2. Drink warm water with salt

If you are not a fan of broth, you can drink with salt instead. It is easier and simpler as compared with buying broth. To do this, add a half tablespoon of table salt to your warm water. Make sure that the water is in a 24-ounce glass. The remedy will have an impact after 30 minutes.

3. Drink vegetable bouillon

Another unique ingredient that you can drink is vegetable bouillon. Simply drop a bouillon tab in warm water. Be sure that the water is heated in the microwave. Then, use a spoon to dissolve bouillon in the water. Afterward, drink it in one go. The good news is that it is healthy and matches well with your diet. It even tastes good.

4. Drink coffee

Coffee keeps you awake, but did you know that it can also remove headaches? It does! But the coffee that you should drink is not the ones you can drink every morning or the ones you can buy from Starbucks or any other coffee shop. In this coffee, you need to add butter and salt. Having tons of salt and butter in your drink can help you ease the pain in your head.

5. Drink chicken broth with salt

If you like chicken broth, then this is good news for you. You can drink chicken broth to remove your headache. But do take note that the broth you are about to drink is zero carb and contains a lot of salt.

To achieve this, you need to add 2 cups of broth plus a full teaspoon of salt. Then, enjoy your drink.

The abovementioned solutions can also be used as prevention for headaches. However, as prevention, you need to drink your chosen treatment daily to get the best results. The doctor might recommend you to have a small intake of carbohydrates if your body is having a hard time adapting to your diet.

In conclusion, keto headache is one of the common symptoms of a keto diet. You are most likely to experience this because your body is adapting to your new lifestyle. Also, you might experience a headache because of the lack of minerals in your body.

But worry not as a headache usually lasts within 24 hours. So you have the option to just let it be and just take a rest or you can do the DIY treatments. Some of these remedies include drinking with salt, drinking broth, and drinking water with butter.

If you are just worried that you might end up experiencing headache, you can do the same ways for prevention but make sure you do it on a daily basis. Otherwise, you can still have headaches.

Once the side effect is gone, expect that your journey with keto diet will be a smooth one. Although you might still encounter complication such as keto flu and constipation, these will not last and are just because of the new food intake in your body.

keto headache

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