Is Sushi Keto Friendly?

All in all, sushi is not a keto-friendly food. But you can make an innovation to make it keto-friendly.

Keto Friendly Sushi

Ketogenic diet is one of the most difficult diet plan to stick with. It’s because, in this diet plan, you need to cut your carbohydrate intake and replace it with fatty food and enough protein food for your source of energy for your daily routine.

When you are following a ketogenic diet, it’s hard to choose the food you eat. You need to be watchful on your intake. Ketogenic diets promote eating good fatty food as the main source of energy. Cutting carbohydrates in your daily diet plan and maintain a low carb diet is not as easy as a joke. It will take a lot of willingness and self-discipline to achieve your goal.

Some people who are following a keto diet feel that they want to quit with the diet plan especially when you really want to eat something and it hard for you to suppress your craving. But don’t worry, there are delicious foods that keto dieters can eat and enjoy while on diet. A lot of new keto dieter asks if sushi is keto-friendly.

Sushi is one of the best and delicious Japanese foods that many of us really enjoy eating but if you are following a ketogenic diet you cannot eat everything you want and sadly a lot of sushi is not really keto-friendly since it has rice the number one source of carbohydrate. But when you are eating sushi avoid eating crab meat because its high carb which is a taboo in keto diet plan.

Well, sushi can be keto-friendly and can be not. It can be keto-friendly if you will use cauliflower rice instead of white rice. Since carb is being cut in your daily diet plan, to make sushi keto-friendly, eat sushi that is not out of white regular rice.

Ketogenic diet is not that boring you can still enjoy foods you want to eat with a twist. To reach ketosis you need to discipline yourself.

How to make sushi keto-friendly? Well, there are a lot of options you can choose like eating sashimi (sushi without rice). Or, you need to look for an alternative for regular white rice to avoid eating too much carb that can result in getting away from the state of ketosis.

To satisfy your craving for sushi you can eat the following keto-friendly sushi. Tasty but won’t get you away from ketosis.

1. Cauliflower sushi

Since rice is a big no in keto diet cauliflower rice can be used as an alternative to white traditional rice use in making sushi. This sushi won’t kick you from ketosis and will satisfy your cravings from sushi. Cauliflower rice will make your sushi not just keto-friendly food but also healthier.

2. Cucumber sushi roll

Cucumber is the main ingredient use in this sushi. Aside from being delicious, it will also help you hydrated while in ketosis which is good to your health. But this recipe will demand effort than other recipes on the list.

3. Egg wrap sushi

This sushi is perfect for those who don’t like cauliflower rice and do not have the patience to roll up a cucumber. Use omelet egg in this recipe as the wrapper of the sushi. And the egg is a good source of fat that essential in keto diet.

4. Bacon sushi

Bacon strip uses to wrap the sashimi: Bacon sushi is perfect for those who are into keto diet because like eggs it’s also a good source of fat that needed during ketosis.

Fun Facts About Sushi

  • Sushi originated at Mekong river not in Japan 20,000 years ago.
  • Sushi price in Japan is high during the 18th century
  • Edomae-sushi is the authentic sushi in Japan limited in Japan only
  • Sushi came from the old Japanese word meaning “acid” or “tart”
  • Sushi should eat immediately with bare hands, not with a chopstick.
  • Originally the sushi is used to refer to fermented rice used to preserved fish.
  • Sushi often prepared with raw fish but today there is vegetarian sushi
  • The first sushi was made in Southeast Asia.
  • Sushi began as a cheap quick snack
  • 80 percent of catch bluefin tuna is used for sushi
  • Most sushi serve is the USA is loaded with sodium and carbohydrate

Since the usual sushi is not that keto-friendly you can innovate and make your own keto-friendly sushi. It does not mean that sushi is not keto-friendly you cannot enjoy eating it. The best thing you can do is to choose another product that can substitute rice and you will surprise yourself that there is a lot of food that you can still enjoy even without eating carb-rich foods.

In keto diet, it’s very important that you need to consider what food you eat during keto diet so that you can reach your goals. It’s not easy to reach ketosis that’s why it’s very important to stay in ketosis state when you reach it to make your effort worthwhile. To survive in this diet plan you need to think positively that all your effort is for yourself not for others.

All in all, sushi is not keto-friendly food but you can make innovation to make it keto-friendly and you can still you can fulfill our craving from sushi and you can avoid mental abuse from thinking that you cannot eat sushi anymore if you are in the keto diet.

Before getting into any diet plan it’s advisable that you need to ask your doctor or medical provider first if it’s safe for you to undergo the diet plan you want especially keto diet which is promoting eating fatty food and cutting carbohydrates based foods. Eating too much fatty food is bad for those who have a heart problem and high blood pressure. Consume moderately according to your need not according to what you want. It’s important to consider our health first before engaging in a different diet plan to avoid different health issues later on.

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