Keto-Friendly Foods that are High in Iron

It’s already 2019. A lot of new trends are starting their way into people’s lives. From fashion to dieting, every time a new trend emerges. So far, there is a certain diet trend that is going on these days, the ketogenic diet.

keto-friendly food that are high in iron

It’s already 2019. A lot of new trends are starting their way into people’s lives. From fashion to dieting, every time a new trend emerges. So far, there is a certain diet trend that is going on these days, the ketogenic diet.

Even before people became gym junkies and to health-conscious, the ketogenic diet is already practiced someplace in the world. The ketogenic diet, which is a low-carb diet, was first introduced as a therapy for epilepsy during the 1920s up to the 30s. It was long abandoned since they found an alternative treatment for epileptic patients, and it suddenly came back and became really popular as a diet regimen since 2016.

Ketogenic diet is known for the large consumption of food high in fats and lesser consumption of carbohydrates. Though it is never that hard to get certain minerals like iron from a ketogenic diet, there still exists a thing called ketogenic iron deficiency.

Being iron deficient can be a real pain. A person who has iron deficiency experiences some of the symptoms like a lower immune system, frequently getting tired, mouth sores, sore tongue, brittle nails, and so much more.

So if a person is iron deficient and is at the same time into ketogenic diet, it will not be a problem, specially since most keto diet foods are high in iron. But here are some keto-friendly food that are high in iron.


Oysters are very much known as one of the foods that are highly rich in iron. When people occasionally eat oysters, they end up getting a lot of superior benefits. Even the iron content of oysters can be considered superior. You can get 7 milligrams of iron from eating 100 grams of oysters.


Out of all the nuts, pistachios have the highest iron content, but if you’re on a strict ketogenic diet, you should avoid eating them. Therefore, you should instead eat almonds. Almonds, though somehow also has carbohydrates, is a safe bet to eat while you are on a ketogenic diet but still in need of additional iron in your body. What’s also good about almonds is that they are easy to eat. They can be eaten as a snack, also a really handy one at that, and can be added to your other keto meals to add crunch and flavor.

Dark Chocolate

As unbelievable as it sounds, you can still eat chocolate while on a ketogenic diet. But instead of the usual milk chocolate which is the kind of chocolate you should avoid, you should eat dark chocolate. A serving of dark chocolate can give you 3.5 milligrams of iron. But be reminded not to eat too much dark chocolate since it still has calorie. Just learn to limit how much you should intake.


A green leafy vegetable know to bring a lot of healthy nutrients into the body, spinach is also high in iron. It is also a good thing that spinach has a low-calorie count. You can get an amount of 3.6 milligrams of iron from 100 grams of cooked spinach. You can simply boil the spinach and add it to your other meals or eat it as it is.

Swiss Chard

Another green leafy vegetable, swiss chards are like spinach. They can be made into salads with cherry tomatoes, salmon, some olives, cheese, and balsamic vinegar, or eaten as they are. Swiss chards are also rich in iron and other nutrients.

Chicken Liver

Organ meats, such as liver, contain a high level of iron. Chicken liver can be an alternative meat, though it may not taste the same. From just eating 75 grams of chicken liver, a person can get a whopping amount of 9.2 milligrams iron, even higher than that of oysters.


Even though it is not a usual part of people’s diets, cuttlefish can contribute as a food with high iron content. The cuttlefish is just like a squid, but packed with a lot more minerals. Eating an 85-gram serving of cuttlefish can give the person 9.2 milligrams of iron, even higher than oysters. You can occasionally add some cuttlefish to your diet now.

Grass-fed Beef

If the beef you eat is from a grass-fed cow, you are in for a lot of advantages. Grass-fed beef has high amounts of nutrients, and may even taste better than regular beef. It is leaner and there is a high chance of having different texture compared to grain-fed beef. You can get 1.9 milligrams of iron from 100 grams of ground grass-fed beef.

Grass-fed Lamb Shank

Same as grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb shanks are highly nutritious. It is a very good source of iron. A single lamb shank contains 2.24 milligrams of iron. Since they are grass-fed, they are most probably better than regular lamb shanks.


Just like cuttlefish, octopus is a seafood rich in vitamins and minerals. It is in fact one of the most nutritious seafood. Even when compared to beef, an octopus can supply an even better amount. When you eat 100 grams of cooked octopus, you’ll get a very high value of iron with 9.5 milligrams. Out of all the foods mentioned, octopus tops the list as the food with the highest iron content, a lot higher than oysters which is the most common go-to food when it comes to iron.

Even when people are following a strict diet plan, it is still important to add a few other food that will help balance the diet. Specially when faced with such issues like iron deficiency which in fact need immediate attention.

It is pleasant to know about these keto-friendly foods that are rich in iron, since each individual has different body conditions, this will be a huge help to people suffering from keto iron deficiency and will further help avoid such complication to lead to anemia.

By eating the following listed foods, iron deficiency, even in the ketogenic diet, will never be an issue again.

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