How MCT Oil Works with the Keto Diet

Among the good sources of healthy fats that keto dieters can turn to get into ketosis is the MCT oil.

Keto Diet and MCT Oil

Keto diet is so popular nowadays that a simple Google search of the term “keto” will give you thousands of results. Along with these results are also hundreds of other terms that are associated with this weight loss method. Among the keywords or terms that you will encounter when you do a quick research on this subject are keto diet and mct oil. So the question now, being that you are new to keto diet is that have you ever heard of mct oil?

MCT Oils

We often see the abbreviation MCT on food labels. This is mostly added to healthy foods as it is proven to help boost our lifestyle as well as boost our metabolism. Now, let us explore the different aspects of MCT by starting with what the abbreviation stands for.

Also referred to as the medium chain triglyceride, MCT oil is a group of fat that offers positive health effects. It is just natural that when we hear the term fat, we instantly jump into conclusion that it may be bad for our health. But I think it is about time that we have a good perspective towards MCT oil as it is proven to be essential not just to our health but also to our entire survival.

Keto diet and MCT oil are commonly seen when you do a quick search on the weight loss method. This is because keto works by pumping up our body with healthy fats and eliminating or cutting down our carbohydrate intake. Learn more about keto diet and MCT oil as we cover its common sources as well as its composition.

Sources of MCT Oil

Including whole foods in your diet is important since these are where your MCT fats will be coming from. Coconut oil, cheese, butter, milk, and yogurt are among the key sources of MCT oil. If you are not used to using coconut oil in your dishes, keto diet and MCT oil also promote palm oil, extra virgin olive oil, and almond oil as coconut oil’s alternative. If you are in keto diet and MCT oil is lacking in your daily meals, then you can opt to take MCT supplements along with your keto meals.

How MCT Oil Works With Keto Diet

Since MCTs are easy to digest as compared to long chain fats, our small intestines can absorb the oil faster and move them to the liver. No additional bile and digestive enzymes are needed to process these fats. As soon as the fats are in the liver, then it is processed to be transported to the cells and converted to ketones which will then be used by our body as its energy source instead of the stored glucose.

Keto Benefits From MCT Oil

Keto diet and MCT oil compliment each other. Several clinical studies have proven the MCT oil benefits for keto dieters. Among the positive health effects of MCT oil is that it boosts our brain functioning.

1. MCT Oil Stimulates Cognitive Functions

Since MCT oil is easy to break down, it can then be immediately converted into ketones. Once converted to ketones, our body will have more energy source which is essential to keep our focus. This claim is supported by clinical studies which have proven that the additional ketoness are proven to be helpful in maintaining the mental clarity of patients who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Keto Diet and MCT Oil Effects on Weight Loss

Keto diet and MCT oil are commonly recommended to those who are suffering from diabetes. Both are important since keto diet cuts the level of sugar in our blood and MCT oil adds ketones to make the patients more energized. A study participated by some patients in China found that cholesterol level reduction, weight loss as well as insulin resistance have been observed among those who regularly received MCT oil.

3. Keto Diet and MCT Oil to Alleviate Convulsion

Another important benefit that we can get from boosting up our daily intake of MCT oil and strictly following the keto diet is that it can help eliminate the symptoms of patients who are diagnosed with epilepsy. However, just a reminder, to experience this anti-convulsive benefits, it is essential that the patient stick to keto diet and at the same time ensures to have the other important keto vitamins and minerals such as sodium, magnesium and protein.

4. Keto Diet and MCT Oil: Success Formula for Athletes

A common challenge experienced by athletes is that they can easily feel exhausted because of several factors such as fast metabolic rate, more energy production and easy nutrients absorption in the digestive tract. This is where keto diet and MCT oil become helpful.

A lot of athletes are attesting that they had better athletic performance after going on keto diet and intaking MCT oils. Experts recommend that to obtain the full effects of MCT oils, the fats are best to take within the first two hours of doing a physical activity. Among the effects that athletes can experience from this are better muscle development and less occurrence of protein breakdown.

Side Effects of MCT Oils Intake

Our body can tolerate a certain level of MCT oil intake. Yet, just like the other key keto diet supplements, having high dosages of MCT oils can cause adverse effects on our body. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal illnesses are among the adverse effects. When these are experienced, stay calm and start to lessen your MCT oil to eliminate the side effects. You can incrementally increase the dosage once your body has gotten into ketosis.

My Two Cents Take on Keto Diet and MCT Oils

With all the data provided above, it is safe to say that the effects of keto diet can be further improved with the addition of MCT oils to the daily meals of keto dieters. As the oils provide extra sources of healthy fats, they will help speed up the body’s transition to ketosis, which is a metabolic state wherein our fat deposits are converted into ketones that will then be used as the body’s energy source.

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