The Keto Diet and Brittle Fingernails

To learn more about keto diet and brittle fingernails, this article offers an extensive look on its causes as well as provides helpful tips to alleviate this side effect.

keto diet and brittle fingernails

One of the most promoted diet plans by celebrities from around the world, the keto diet is stunning a lot of people with its impressive results. Before you get into this bandwagon, I suggest that you first assess its results and weigh them with the possible side effects that you can experience when you apply the diet plan. This way you can be more confident with your decision and be more committed once you started practicing the keto diet.

Side Effects of the Keto Diet

Among the reasons why keto diet is getting the attention of a lot of people is because it enables dieters to eat meats and other high-fat food sources, given that they drastically decrease their carbohydrate intake. By having this diet, your body will be conditioned to get into ketosis and burn more fats than usual.

Experiencing some side effects does not automatically mean that the diet is ineffective or unhealthy. It just means that drastic changes in your eating behavior cause sudden modifications in your health status. What you need to do is to learn more about these side effects so you can prepare and be ready once you get into keto diet and experience the side effects.

In addition to keto flu symptoms, another popular side effects of the diet is having peeling fingernails. It is common that keto diet and brittle fingernails go hand in hand as the health state of a person is always reflected on the appearance of our fingernails. This only shows that our body is weak, which is again normal since it is still adapting to your new diet plan. To help us explore this subject, here are some important things to know about the keto diet and brittle fingernails.

Causes of Having Brittle Fingernails

There are several factors contributing to the association of the keto diet and brittle fingernails. One of them is having low carbohydrates.

Low Carbs Intake Results to Brittle Fingernails

The main tenet of the keto diet is that the sudden decrease in your carbohydrate intake accompanied with a drastic increase in healthy fats food sources results to your body transitioning into a metabolic state popularly known as ketosis.

Carbohydrates are the sources of glucose in our body which plays an important role in the formation of the thyroid hormone. The decrease in glucose source will lessen the T3 thyroid hormone production. This is where the relation of the keto diet and brittle fingernails comes in as one of the symptoms of low T3 thyroid hormone is having brittle hair as well as nails.

Imbalanced Keto Nutrients and Vitamins in Daily Diet

The imbalanced nutrients and vitamins in your daily meals also cause the association of keto diet and brittle fingernails. Since being in a high-fat diet, it is highly possible that you are cutting on vegetables and fruits with other important nutrients but are of high carbohydrate content.

Peeling fingernails is also common to those who are new to the keto diet. This is also because of the decreased in certain nutrients and vitamins that our body needs such as omega fats, iron, and protein.

Many people who are in a keto diet and also who are experts in maintaining a balanced diet know that the lack of iron and vitamin B12 impacts our red blood cells production. When this condition occurs in our body, several symptoms are to be observed. Brittle or peeling fingernails is just one of them. Hair loss and skin dryness are also to be expected.

Having brittle fingernails is also an outcome of the lack of omega fats in our body. This is because omega fatty acids play an important role in hair, skin and nails nourishment. In addition to this, inflammation will be addressed once you pumped up on omega fats.

Ways to Alleviate Brittle Fingernails While on Keto Diet

You are eager to start your journey in keto diet and brittle fingernails is the only one hindering you. To help you with this struggle, here are some effective tips that you can do to prevent having peeling fingernails while you are in keto diet.

Boost Your System With Vitamin A

An effective antioxidant to eliminate the dangerous free radicals in our body, vitamin A is important to those who are on a keto diet. This helps break the association between keto diet and brittle fingernails as vitamin A is known for stimulating the nail growth and ensuring our bone and tissue health.

More Zinc Intake

Brittle fingernails is also caused by zinc deficiency. To address this one, eating foods that have high zinc content is essential while you are on keto diet. Among the foods where you can obtain zinc are soybeans, flax seeds, cashew nuts, and spinach.

Add in Foods With Folic Acid to Your Daily Meals

You have added zinc and vitamin A sources in your body. But it seems that they are still not sufficient to break the relation of your keto diet and brittle fingernails. I may have another solution for you. Add more foods with folic acid to your daily meals as this can do the trick. Folic acid is proven to be helpful in maintaining our tissue and nails nourishment. Eggs, beetroots, and avocado are among the ones that are popular for their folic acid content.

Take Biotin Supplements Daily

Strictly following the keto diet will definitely restrict you from vegetables, dairy products, and fruits that are high in carbohydrates but are also rich in the other nutrients needed by our body to maintain proper functioning. To be sure that you stay healthy while on the keto diet and brittle fingernails will not be a trouble for you, then it is best to regularly take biotin supplements as theseĀ are effective in providing nutrients to boost your hair and nail growth. In addition to this, cellular generation is also a good benefit from these supplements. If you can’t get supplements with biotin at the local pharmacies or stores, you can always add in some foods that are rich in biotin such as raspberries, walnuts, almonds, and lettuce.

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