Is Atorvastatin Safe to Take While Doing Keto?

As atorvastatin and keto diet produce similar results, many people are now questioning the safety of atrovastatin use while on keto diet.

Atorvastatin and Keto

I first heard the term atorvastatin from my grandmother when she was prescribed with this medication by our family doctor after she was diagnosed with high cholesterol level in her bloodstream. Also known for its brand name Lipitor, atorvastatin is an oral formula from the statins family that is commonly recommended by medical professionals to patients who immediately need to regulate their cholesterol levels as well as prevent them from suffering from stroke and dangerous heart conditions such as heart attack. Through time, this drug has been proven itself to be helpful in alleviating arterial cholesterol buildup.

Many clinical experts agree that the effectiveness of atorvastatin from statins family can be surely felt or experienced if it is combined with regular exercise and a helpful diet plan. A lot of diet and weight loss methods have surfaced through the years. However, one dieting technique that is now gaining popularity and has been in controversy due to its use along with atorvastatin is the keto diet. Controversies revolving around the safety of using Lipitor while practicing the keto diet are becoming prominent online. If you are new to keto diet and have been intaking atorvastatin to regulate your cholesterol level, then this article will help you as we will explore the truth behind these controversies.

High Cholesterol, Atorvastatin, and Keto

Research studies conducted on the connection of high cholesterol, atorvastatin and keto are minimal. But if we have a look at the link between keto and high cholesterol, you will run through some studies done to assess their connection.

Suffering from high cholesterol is one of the fears of individuals who are new to keto diet. Why? Because keto diet banks on the idea that one effective way of losing weight is to get our body into ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state wherein our body uses ketones from body fats to supply our energy. In order to get into ketosis and for our body to effectively provide the energy that we need for our daily activities, keto diet focuses on pumping up our fats intake and at the same time lessening our carbohydrate intake. As with this statement, our immediate mindset is that keto diet and high cholesterol are linked as including a lot of fats in our daily diet may put ourselves at risk of having high cholesterol.

Science Behind Keto and High Cholesterol

What is science’s position in the alleged link between keto and high cholesterol? Many studies and experts have proven that embarking on a low carbohydrate diet is effective in cholesterol level regulation. This is one of the reasons why low carbohydate diet such as keto diet is recommended to those with high cholesterol levels.

How does this work? Our cells have different functions and capabilities. Among their capabilities is the production of cholesterol as it is vital to energy production and functioning of the small intestine and the liver. According to biology, cells can either produce cholesterol or derive them from the bloodstream. When we are on low carbohydrate diet, clinical studies show that this type of diet method promotes synthesis or any other cellular functions, thus hindering our cells from producing cholesterol and just obtaining them from the bloodstream. This will then lessen the cholesterol levels in the bloodstream and help address health problems in patients with high cholesterol.

Science Behind Atorvastatin and Keto

Now that we have given a better light on the controversy around keto and high cholesterol, it is best to have a look at the science behind atorvastatin and keto. This will better guide us as we further look at the safety of atorvastatin and keto diet as a combined weight loss method.

As mentioned above, low carbohydrate diets such as keto diet helps regulate our cholesterol level. The scientific explanation behind this is similar to how atorvastatin works to address high cholesterol levels in patients.

Atorvastatin was developed to limit the release of HMG-CoA cellular enzymes and hinder the cells from producing their own cholesterols. Since cholesterol production is limited by atorvastatin intake, the cells will then turn to the bloodstream for their cholesterol needs. This process will then decrease the levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream and improves the health of patients with such condition.

Is Atorvastatin Safe to Take By Keto Dieters?

Looking at a lot of online forums, many people who have combined atorvastatin and keto diet have not reported any complications or alarming health dangers from this move. To be honest, many of them have shared better results when atorvastatin and keto diet have been combined. This claim is also supported by a clinical study published in Nutrition Express which assessed the effectiveness of low carb diet alone as compared to low carb diet with statins on regulating or lowering the blood cholesterol. After more than a month of being in statins and low carb diet, researchers found significant cholesterol level improvements and less heart illness risks among the research participants. These findings drove them to conclude that statins plus low carbohydrate diet such as keto diet offer more impressive outcomes than the medication alone.

Personal Take on Atorvastatin and Keto Diet

As there are zero to minimal complaints about the atorvastatin and keto diet implemented along with each other, then I guess the best move if you are a newbie in ketogenic diet is to consult with your doctor before you proceed with this combined weight loss method just to ensure that you and your doctor are on the same page with this technique. It is also recommended that once your cholesterol level has stabilized with the joint practice of atorvastatin and keto diet, it is best to stop intaking the medication and see if the progress will continue just with the keto diet alone. In case a sudden increase in cholesterol levels has been observed, it is important to immediately add more carbohydrate sources in your diet, stop your saturated fats intake and seek assistance from your doctor to assess the cause behind the cholesterol level increase.

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