What Is Incense Good For?: Does It Help You Lose Weight?

Incense has been used for so many years now. And there are many benefits that come with it. But does it help lose weight? Well, find out there.

Incense benefits

One thing that many people have come to realize is that everything single thing you find has its purpose. It might seem useless and not beneficial at some point but then again there is a purpose it serves and benefits you would gain. It might just be that you haven’t recognized the benefits that come with it yet. Incense has been used for so many years but people failed to realize how beneficial it could be not until after some years back. There are so many incense benefits that we will be looking at today. That way you would have an idea of what you stand to get when you burn incense. 

Many people burn incense at different places for different purposes. One of the common uses is for religious purposes. Some people use this in their studios and shops and the smell is pretty good. The smell that comes with the burning incense is quite unique so you can be sure that you wouldn’t miss out on the smell. Some people also burn this at home just to set a relaxing environment for themselves. So is incensed good? And is it true that it could help you lose weight? Well, the only way to find out the answer to that question is by reading further. 

Incense Benefits 

  • Relaxation: This is the benefit people want when they burn incense while doing yoga. There is a relaxing feeling that comes with burning incense. It puts your mind at rest and helps you to get rid of the worries you have in your heart. You could just burn incense in your home while taking a cup of coffee. For this using soft fragrances would be the perfect option. 
  • Helps reduce anxiety and stress: Somewhat related to relaxation but it’s a bit above relaxation. One thing that burning incense does is that it helps reduce the activities in the body. So activities like breathing and heart rate would be reduced. At the same time, it would cause you to stop worrying and your mind would be at rest. For this the best option you have is Sandalwoods. 
  • Stimulates creativity: Some fragrances are meant for this. They help you to enhance the abilities that you have. It helps improve your mental capacity and then stimulates ideas. One good fragrance for this is Aloeswood. If you are into creativity then this would help you with your work. You can also try out some other uplifting fragrances. 
  • Increase focus: So if you want to study and you need to concentrate or you have to prepare a presentation for work you can try burning incense. It increases your concentration and focus. This is one of the best methods you can opt for. At least this isn’t as intrusive as playing music in your background. This can even be used when doing your hobby as long as it has to do with concentration and focus you are good to go. 
  • Aids sleep: One of the common problems that people have these days is insomnia. And that’s obviously because of the way our environment is now structured. Burning incense is one thing that can help aid sleep. One good fragrance you can opt for is lavender. And one thing this is that incense is a lot safer than burning a scented candle so that you can sleep. 
  • Helps increase sexual urge: There are fragrances such as Jasmine that affect increasing sexual urge. One thing that happens is that the different fragrances work on the mind. And with this, you would be in the mood to have sex. People also use cinnamon for loving moments. 
  • Medical: It has been proven that incense affects increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain. And some drugs are used for increasing the level of serotonin in the brain. To avoid using drugs you can opt for burning incense as an alternative. This is a lot safer as there are side effects that come with using incense. Serotonin is very important in the body because it helps stabilize a person’s mood. It also helps with digestion and sleeping. The rate of depression decreases with increased serotonin in the brain. Also, it has been associated with reducing headaches and anxiety. For this purpose, rose happens to be the best-recommended option. 
  • Air purification: One thing with incense is that the smell occupies a place fast and well. With this, it would be able to cover up unwanted smells in your home in no time. Some fragrances are also best suited for this such as myrrh and cedar. Once it cleanses the air the air becomes fresh and smells nice. 

Does Incense Help You Lose Weight 

Well, as you can see above the benefits of incense is quite a lot. And people have been exploring many other possible benefits that come with burning incense. One thing that people have been inquisitive about is doing incense help you lose weight. Well, maybe yes. 

It has been found out that the compounds found in incense are known to have certain effects on metabolism in the body. A study that was carried out on animals showed that it caused unwanted weight loss. And at the same time, it helps lower the level of good cholesterol in the body. 

From this, we can see that it might have an effect on weight loss but more studies are still needed. More studies would give us an idea of whether this would work on humans or not. So the certainty of incense causing weight loss is yet to be confirmed. So using incense for this purpose would be your choice. Many benefits come

Incense isn’t about the smoke that comes out. There is surely more to it. And the benefits are indeed worth it. So to have a taste of the incense benefits you can opt for the different fragrances of incense. Just make sure that when you getting the incense you are specific about which one you want as different fragrances to have different purposes.

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