How To Lower Blood Pressure Instantly

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? This is a common condition that affects at least one-third of Americans. It’s also becoming a more serious situation around the world due to factors like bad diet, sitting all day, and high-stress levels. The good news is there are methods for how to lower blood pressure instantly.

Doctor checking blood pressure using stethoscope

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? This is a common condition that affects at least one-third of Americans. It’s also becoming a more serious situation around the world due to factors like bad diet, sitting all day, and high-stress levels. The good news is there are methods for how to lower blood pressure instantly. These include some basic options like consuming less caffeine and sodium and eating more potassium and dairy. These are natural remedies that don’t require you to consume any prescription meds with strong chemicals. Taking Rx medicines can cause various unwanted side-effects, which you’ll want to avoid.

As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” While there are several natural remedies you can use to lower blood pressure, it’s better to maintain a good diet, exercise regularly, and reduce stress. These steps can help to prevent high blood pressure before it starts, which is something you should try to achieve. That said, it’s critical to take steps immediately if you feel conditions like a racing heart. You might have to make some big changes in your lifestyle that cutting salt ditching sugar. These can be tough decisions but in terms of long-term health, they’re worth the sacrifices you’d have to make.

What Is High Blood Pressure?

This is a big question to answer first since it involves knowing whether or not you have high blood pressure from the get-go. The fancy term for this condition is “hypertension.” It involves blood to press on the arteries’ walls too strongly.

This can become a serious condition. One of the main issues is sometimes there are no symptoms until the condition becomes very serious. This is why it’s critical to get your health checked out regularly. The condition can affect various body parts including arteries, kidneys, and heart.

In fact, one of the main issues with high blood pressure is it can result in serious events like stroke and heart attack. These are situations you’ll definitely want to avoid since they can cause serious results.  

It’s important to note that it can be difficult for a doctor to figure out quickly what’s causing hypertension. There various factors that are known to cause this health condition including:

  • Alcohol
  • Obesity
  • Stress
  • High salt intake
  • Low calcium
  • Sitting all-day
  • Genes

All of these factors can result in high blood pressure. However, there are other factors that can cause it. Your doctor can order tests to check about the most likely causes of your blood pressure.

In fact, this condition can happen without any symptoms. If you have very high blood pressure it can cause different symptoms. They include nausea, headaches, and committing. In some situations, it can cause blood pressure to rise very quickly. It’s important to treat it quickly to help damage. This can be to the eyes, kidneys, heart, and brain.

In fact, it’s common for people to learn they have high blood pressure from a doctor’s visit. There are two kinds of blood pressure readings. This includes when the heart is pumping or relaxed. Both figures are important and can help to determine whether or not your blood pressure is above normal.

How To lower Blood Pressure Instantly

How to Lower Blood Pressure Instantly

1. Stop smoking

It’s important to stop completely and do it ASAP. There are actually several health benefits you can experience by putting out your last cigarette. For example, studies show that smoking cigarettes/cigars can greatly increase your heart disease risk.

Every time you smoke you boost your blood pressure a little. Besides that, tobacco’s chemicals can damage a person’s blood vessels. These are conditions that can cause high blood pressure.

2. Ditch salt, sugar, and caffeine

These are some of the main substances that can worsen or cause high blood pressure. All three of them can cause your heart rate to increase, which can cause spikes in blood sugar spikes. In terms of caffeine, it’s easy to stop consuming drinks like tea, coffee, sodas, energy/sports drinks, etc.

It can be a little tougher to stop all salt and sugar. You should start with table salt/sugar since it’s the easiest method. However, it’s also important to read ingredient labels. There sometimes “hidden” sugar or salt in foods you might not expect to have. You could try to consume more home-cooked meals, which can allow you to control which additives go in your food.

3. Eat cocoa or dark chocolate

This might be a surprising way to lower blood pressure. What’s it all about? Go with a small amount like a few squares from a dark chocolate candy bar. These foods are rich in plant-based chemical compounds that make blood vessels expand. This can help to reduce your blood pressure.

4. Manage stress

In fact, stress is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. It’s a part of life but if it becomes very serious it can cause various health problems including high blood pressure. When you feel like you’re being overwhelmed make sure to take steps to lower your blood pressure.

There are various options. They include breathing exercises, aromatherapy, massage, and meditation/yoga.

Top Tips for Stress Management

1. Control what you can

There are some things you can control in life and some things you can’t. As the old saying goes, it’s important to know the difference. Being a “control freak” can be really stressful. That’s because you waste time and effort trying to control things in life that you can’t. A better approach is to change what you can in life.

2. Do meditation/yoga

This can involve some yoga exercises. However, you can just clear your mind in the morning when you wake up and live in the moment. Listen to chirping birds and simply clear your mind of all thoughts. Spending 10-15 of your first waking minutes can function as a stress-buster and start your day in the right way.

3. Have a hobby

It’s often been said that sometimes people become workaholics because they don’t have hobbies. Try to start a new one so you can spend your time and effort in doing something you like. It doesn’t have to be a fancy hobby and could be as basic as a stamp collection or model airplanes. What’s most important is you’ll have a way to relax, which can help to lower blood pressure.

4. Do regular exercise

The exercise itself can be effective in clearing your mind and focusing on your workouts. It can also strengthen your body including the immune system. That can help you deal with future stressful situations better. This is important because a lower immune system will make it tougher.

5. Think positive

This is a basic yet effective method for lowering stressors. It can be really stressful when you see a glass as being half empty rather than half full. It can put you in a downward spiral that makes you think negatively about everything. However, if you have a positive attitude this can boost mood and be linked to how to lower blood pressure instantly.

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