How To Get Rid Of Back Fat: Workout Routine, Lifestyle, and Diet Tips

Many people complain about back fat. And they try all they can to get rid of it. But getting rid of it hasn’t been that easy. That’s why people keep asking the question, how to get rid of back fat. Well, we’ll be answering that today.

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Getting rid of fat has never been a walk in the park for anyone. Trying to shed some pounds can be quite difficult. And the part of the body you’re trying to get rid of fat has a large role to play. For some parts of the body, doing exercises would help out. But that’s not the case with back fat. Getting rid of fat is one of the toughest parts of the body to get rid of fat. Even at that, there are still certain steps you can take to help you get rid of the fat. Well, today we’ll be answering the question, how to get rid of back fat. Here you will find out all you need to know about getting rid of back fat. 

For some people having back, fat is quite bothering. And for this reason, all they want to do is get rid of it. The truth though, is that you can’t completely get rid of back fat. All you can do is try to change the appearance of the back fat with several activities and choices. Usually, you would find back fat in 3 parts of the back. It can either be the upper back, mid-back, or lower back. Identifying the part of the back as well would help out with losing fat. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to help you lose back fat. 

Workout Routine 

So there are high-intensity exercises that can help you get rid of back fat. They are cardiovascular exercises, and they have proven to be very effective for this purpose. Let’s take a look at some of the routine workouts you can try out. 

  • Shoulder strengthening workouts: One way to getting rid of back fat is by strengthening your shoulder. Make sure you build strong and tight shoulders. When you do this, the portion of your back below the shoulder will start to look smaller. You can try out raising dumbbells laterally. Or you can also try out overhead press exercise. They are both great for strengthening the shoulders. 
  • Mid-back exercises: There are wing-shaped muscles located at the mid-portion of your back. And they are known as latissimus dorsi. Making these muscles tighter and stronger gives your waist a better appearance. One good exercise for the latissimus dorsi muscle is the lat pulldown. It helps strengthen the muscles and also creates a toned triangular-shaped muscle. 
  • Waist exercises: For improving the appearance of the back of your waist, you can opt for exercises that would strengthen oblique abdominal muscles. As well as the erector spinae muscles. These are the muscles that go along the spine. They are responsible for the shape of the sides of the body. Doing a side bend would go a long way in strengthening the muscles in the side. You can do this with or without added weight. Also, oblique crunches are a good option for strengthening oblique abdominals. 
  • Lower back exercises: When you slouch, you can make back fat a lot more noticeable. One way to improve your posture is doing lower back exercises that can help strengthen the core. And one of the muscles you would be strengthening is the erector spinae. Doing a back extension exercise would be a great idea for strengthening these muscles. 

Diet Tips 

Another way you can get rid of back fat is with your diet. Let’s look at some of the diet tips that can help you out here. 

Reduce daily calorie intake: If you cut out about 500 calories from your usual meal a day and also do some exercises you can lose about a pound a week. And this would help out with reducing back fat. These are some of the things you can do to help reduce calorie consumption. 

  • Use a food tracker or keep a food diary 
  • Use online calculators to estimate calorie intake 
  • Don’t cut out on too many calories 
  • Make sure you do cardio exercises and other back strengthening exercises 

Balanced diet: You must eat a balanced diet even when you’re trying to cut calories. That goes a long way in trying to reduce back fat. Make sure you eat foods from different food groups. With this, you can be sure that you’re getting enough nutrients. Make sure you consume enough protein. They are quite important for improving muscle function. Also, consume enough veggies and fruits. Another group of foods that you should include is grains like pasta and bread. 

Consume more satisfying foods: Some foods make you feel full for a long time. And these foods are great for reducing hunger levels in the body. That would go a long way in cutting down on calorie intake. Going to healthy fats is one great option. They take quite some time to digest. And they are also rich in carbs that help you stay full longer. Lean proteins as well are good options for making you feel fuller for a long time. 

Reduce the consumption of high-calorie drinks: So many people opt for sodas and juices. And these are quite high in calorie content. Instead, opt for drinks that are low in calorie content. Water is the best fluid that you can opt for. You can also opt for decaf tea or coffee. They are great options that are low in calories. 


Some of the lifestyle changes you can make are standing tall. Many people make the mistake of slouching, either when sitting or standing. And this affects the muscles in the back. When you stand tall and sit upright, you can expect that the muscles in your back would be strengthened. And this would go a long way in helping you get rid of back fat. 

Well, that’s all we have for you as to getting rid of back fat. If you follow all this, you can be sure that you would see changes. Many people have tried all these out and have seen results. Yours would most likely not be an exception. So what are you waiting for, opt for these tips on how to get rid of back fat. 

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