10 Ways On How To Drink Bone Broth

Knowing how to drink bone broth will help you maximize this very nutritious drink. In this light, we will be sharing with you ten amazing ways of drinking bone broth. Stay tuned!

Bone broth drink

Recently, the popularity of bone broth has increased especially in the health-conscious community. The reason for this is the health benefits that may be associated with it. Although there is no authentic research to verify its health benefits, we have enough evidence that shows it may be indeed beneficial to human health. Bone broth in itself is made from simmered animal bones and their connective tissues. It is said to be highly nutritious and can be used as stock for gravies, sauces, and soups. We will get into these details on how to drink bone broth later. 

As far as ancient times, bone broth has been a thing, although it may not have been named accordingly, our ancestors turned part of the animals they hunted into a health drink. Any animals can be used in making this broth – beef, veal, pork, turkey, venison, chicken, buffalo, bison, lamb, or fish. Their core issues such as wizards, fans, beaks, hooves, or feet can be used as well as its bone marrow. You can easily make bone broth in your kitchen, in fact, there are lots of recipes on the internet and all you have to do is pick the one you like. 

Basics of Making Bone Broth

All you need to make your bone broth in a pot, bones, vinegar, and water.

For starters here are the measurement to follow

  • One gallon of water
  • Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • Two to four pounds of animal bones
  • Pepper and salt to taste 

Note that you can alter these measurements based on the quantity of broth you want. 


  1. Place all your ingredients in your pot or a slow cooker
  2. Boil
  3. Reduce the heat till it’s only simmering and leave for twelve to twenty-four hours. The more time the more nutrients and better taste.
  4. Allow cooling then strain into a container before discarding the solids.

You may want to use different bones like knuckles, feet, oxtail, marrow, and plain bones to make your broth more nutritious. It is okay to mix the bones in the pot. 

Vinegar helps to extract the much-needed nutrients from the bones as this is the main reason why you are at the broth, for the nutrients! So don’t replace your vinegar. 

In step one, you can add herbs, spices, or vegetables to bring out more flavor. These may include onion, thyme, garlic, parsley, carrot, and celery. 

Now you see that making bone broths is not the hardest thing. In the next section, we will be showing you ten ways you can drink your bone broth. 

How To Drink Bone Broth 

If you know about bone broth but have no idea how you can use it, or you are already familiar with some of the ways bone broth can be used and would here to try out new ways. Here are some old and new ways to enjoy your bone broth. 

  • In stew, bisque, or soup – Soup is pretty much standard but we are not just talking about noodle soup here, you can replace your soup stock with bone broth or even your bisque stew. This will make them more nutritious. 
  • With couscous or quinoa – If you are the type that likes serving quinoa with dinner or couscous, rather than use water to cook them you could use bone broth. This will upgrade the taste and boost your nutrients. 
  • Mashed potatoes – Your comfort go-to mashed potatoes mostly lack enough nutrients so why not spice it up by using bone broth so you can gain more. 
  • In stuffing – Impress your Thanksgiving guest by replacing water with bone broth when preparing your stuffing. The flavor from the broth will richly complement the entire Thanksgiving meal and everyone’s health will be better for it. 
  • Scrambled eggs – The addition of milk or water to your effs is sure to make them taste so good. Substituting this with bone broth will give you an even more savory feel. Your egg flavor will improve and you also get more nutrients for fewer calories. 
  • In a mug – if you are not cut out for more kitchen work after preparing your broth, you can simply sip it straight from the mug. It can serve as a healthier alternative to your morning coffee. Try adding garlic, and cilantro to make you feel full and limit your food intake. Drinking bone broth directly may not be easy at first but with time you did get used to it. Some suggestions consuming plain bone broth helps in metabolism, joints, and weight management. 
  • In smoothies – No we are not done yet. Are you a smooth lover? Ever tried turning your bone broth into a smoothie. Now, this may have caused you to cringe but don’t think bone broth is only served as a liquid. It also comes in powder form and you can take advantage by making a yummy healthy bone broth smoothie. That’s right, smack your lips. 
  • In dessert – You can also add bone broth powder when making desserts for extra protein and flavor boost. 
  • In vegetables – Boost your vegetable meal with bone broth while sauteing it. You can use garlic and wine vinegar for a healthier and delicious meal. 
  • In marinades – Rather than flavor your chicken with sugary and high-calorie sauce, why not use bone broth? It’s added nutrient will supplement your already protein is meat and make it even more flavourful. 


With these ten ways on how to drink bone broth, we can see that it is not a difficult taste and it is very possible to include bone broth in most meals. By doing this you will be boosting your immune system, joint health, and your skin, hair, and nail health too.  Also, your dish will have more flavor and an improved taste. You should consider making bone broth a regular part of your meal preparation.

How to drink bone broth

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