3 Best Hormonal Acne Natural Treatment

If you have severe acne then you might want to consider hormonal acne natural treatment. They include options like AHA, green tea, and tea tree oil for avoiding side-effects from synthetic ingredients.

3 Best Hormonal Acne Natural Treatment

Are you struggling with hormonal acne? We often consider acne to be a problem that only teens get. However, studies show that up to 55% of people aged 20 to 40 get constant acne. If you get hormone-related acne then it’s important to know how to deal with it. The options include hormonal acne natural treatment. This type of acne is triggered by changes in hormone levels. There are different ways to treat it including anti-androgen (hormones) drugs and retinoids (Vitamin A). These treatments can certainly be effective. However, since they have strong chemicals they can also trigger unwanted side-effects that can be tough to deal with. If you already have severe acne then it’s a situation you’ll want to avoid.

On the other hand, you can also deal with cane problems by using natural treatments. These options can also be effective. Since the ingredients aren’t synthetic there’s also a lower risk of unwanted side-effects. It’s possible to have some side-effects but it’s much less common since the ingredients exist in the natural world. Besides that these ingredients can still be effective in treating hormonal acne, which is the main benefit that makes them worth considering over treatments with synthetic ingredients.  

What Exactly Is Hormonal Acne?

This kind of acne is due to changes in hormones. It’s mostly caused by androgens (male hormones) like testosterone. This type of acne is usually linked to puberty acne that usually takes place during the teen years. However, it can also happen among older adults.

Hormonal acne is also more common among females due to various factors. They include hormone changes during times like pregnancy and menopause. However, it’s also common for men to experience hormonal acne as well.

It’s also important to know the symptoms of hormonal acne. When teens experience it during puberty it usually happens in the so-called T-zone. This includes the forehead, nose, and chin. In most cases, it happens in the lower half of the face including the cheek bottoms and near the jawline.

The acne might show up as blackheads or whiteheads. Blackheads appear black due to contact with oxygen. They result from skin pores that get clogged up with stuff like oil and dead skin cells. Meanwhile, whiteheads are closed under the skin surface.

There are other kinds of hormone acne including pimples. They can be pus-filled or small bumps. Sometimes pimples are caused when hair follicles experience infection/inflammation. There are also cysts, which are big lumps underneath the skin. They have pus and can be painful when touched.

Various factors can affect and trigger hormonal acne. They include:

  • Puberty
  • Menopause
  • Menstruation
  • PCOS
  • High male hormones

Besides teens, people 20+ years old can also experience hormonal acne. That includes half of the females in their 20s and one-quarter of females in their 40s.  When people experience increased testosterone levels this can trigger more skin oil. Other factors include pore-clogging bacteria that trigger hair follicle infection.

If you experience severe acne you should contact a dermatologist. He/She can then provide a checkup and treatment options.

Hormonal Acne: Natural Treatments

Green Tea

It’s not just a refreshing herb for hot or cold tea. Green tea is high in antioxidants and fact, is the highest-antioxidant tea among processed teas. One of the key benefits is it can lower the body’s inflammation.

Besides adding green tea to your skin topically you can also treat your acne from the inside-out. That’s by drinking hot or cold green tea during the day. However, you can increase the benefits by adding green tea skincare products to treat acne-like pimples and blackheads.

When picking lotions make sure you’re getting 2% or more of green tea extract. This will help to provide the best results.

Hydroxy Acid

This includes the alpha (AHA) and beta (BHA) varieties. AHAs are plant-based acids that are mostly produced from citrus fruits. They can be effective in removing dead skin cells that clog up skin pores. Another plus is AHA can also help to lighten acne scars.

AHAs are available in several OTC creams and masks. Like retinoids, they can boost your skin’s sunlight sensitivity. So it’s important to add SPF 30+ sunscreen when wearing products that contain AHA. When applying sunscreen it’s important to go with this SPF to provide the best protection from ultraviolet rays.

Tea Tree Oil

This is a trending natural remedy that’s used for a wide range of applications. They include hair and skin benefits. TTO can also be used for aromatherapy including diffusers and massage. TTO works by lowering inflammation that can trigger acne.

Various studies show that TTO can be effective in reducing symptoms of mild/moderate acne. This can also include hormonal acne.

This ingredient is found in several skincare products including cleansers. Tea tree oil can also be used as a spot treatment for dealing with areas of pimples, blackheads, etc. Simply add to a carrier oil then apply it to your skin.

Tips to Prevent Acne Breakouts

Natural Hair Care

Try to minimize haircare products with strong chemicals. One of the main reasons is they could damage your hair strands. Another possible issue is they could drip onto your skin and irritate it. That, in turn, could trigger acne. Try to go with hair care products that have natural/organic ingredients. A related issue is to keep long hair far from your face.

Less Make-Up

One of the possible issues with heavy makeup is it can clog up skin pores. That can make acne more likely due to inflammation. It’s important to apply light makeup. In the evening you should also remove all makeup at bedtime and use a mild cleanser/moisturizer to thoroughly remove all cosmetics.

Hormonal Acne Natural Treatment

These options make acne breakouts less likely. They don’t include strong chemicals so they’re also less likely to have unwanted side-effects. Make sure to research which treatments are the most effective. Some options include retinol (Vitamin A), tea tree oil (TTO), and AHA. Make sure to patch test a new product to make sure it won’t cause allergic reactions.  

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

This is one of the main tips offered by skincare professionals. It’s recommended that you moisturize multiple times during the day. That includes bathing, swimming, exercising, and so on. One caveat is it’s also important to hydrate by consuming enough drinking water during the day. Meanwhile, adding moisturizers during the day can help to keep your skin soft and help prevent acne breakouts.

Daily Facial Washing

It’s important to avoid over-washing your face since it could cause dryness/inflammation that could trigger acne breakouts. You should also consider using facial washes instead of bar soaps since they tend to dry out the skin. You could wash your face in the morning and evening to help prevent the need for hormonal acne natural treatment.

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