A Beginners Guide To Homemade Pre-Workout Drink

You can use various homemade pre workout drinks that include basic recipes. Some of the most basic options include black coffee, green tea, and baking soda. There are many recipes with basic ingredients.

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Do you want to use a safe, effective, and cheap pre-workout supplement? If so then you should consider a homemade pre-workout drink. Fun Fact: The sports nutrition market is worth nearly $50.9 billion (2018). You have many options including pre/post-workout dietary supplements. While pre-workout beverages can be convenient they can also cause some health issues since many are loaded with salt, sugar, and artificial ingredients. This is stuff you’ll want to avoid when you’re trying to improve your health through diet/exercise. So one of the best options is to make a DIY drink to provide benefits like metabolism boosts to prepare you for your cardio or strength training workout.

There’s a wide range of different options when making your pre-workout drinks. They include basics like black coffee, green tea, and baking soda. These are ingredients you might already have in your home so it can save you money that way. Meanwhile, if you purchase pre-workout supplements you’ll often be using forms like tablets, powders, and extracts. These can be effective but they’re still highly-processed products made in a factory. When you make DIY supplements you can control the ingredients that go into the dietary supplement for optimum nutrition.

What Are Pre-Workout Supplements?

Pre-workout drinks are included in this category of dietary supplements. It’s important to know the basics about them and what they’re for. The main function is to boost energy so you’ll need more time to experience muscle fatigue.

If you’re not getting tired while doing workouts then you’re doing something wrong. That said, when you can slow down how soon you get fatigued it can help to increase your workout lengths. That, in turn, can help to get in better workouts and build more muscle mass.

There are lots of different forms of pre-workout supplements. They include drinks, powders, tablets, snacks, and meals. However, the main goals are still to boost energy and maintain muscles. When that happens you can get in more reps and sets, which provides a better overall workout.

One of the main elements of pre-workout supplements is carbs. This is why good options for pre-workout meals include brown rice, sweet potatoes, and sugary fruits. They can all give you a natural energy burst that can provide longer workouts.

A key benefit of carbs is you can get natural blood sugar spikes. However, you should generally avoid options like white sugar and refined grains since they can provide other issues like weight gain, inflammation, and even serious diseases over time. There are some exceptions like white rice but you should still make sure you’re getting enough whole grains.

This helps to explain why natural sources are best for pre-workout drinks/meals. For example, many energy and sports drinks are loaded with good stuff like electrolytes and carbs. The problem is they also tend to have lots of additives like sugar and artificial colors/flavors/preservatives. It’s one of the top reasons you should consider DIY pre-workout drinks instead of store-bought ones.

Pre-workout drinks are easily one of the most common ones. They’re easy to prepare and other benefits besides energy boost like hydration.

Top Homemade Pre-Workout Drinks


These molecules are found in veggies like beets, turnips, and spinach. So if you’re making a pre-workout smoothie/shake, make sure to add these ingredients for extra nitrate. They improve workout performance by converting into “nitric oxide” for boosting blood flow.

Black Coffee 

It is one of the best high-caffeine natural drinks you can use as a pre-workout drink. An average cup of brewed coffee has 95mg of caffeine. This makes it a good option for pre-workout supplements.

The best option is brewed coffee. If you’re going with instant coffee, go with options like Nescafe Classic. Avoid stuff like white sugar and non-dairy creamer since they’re not only unhealthy but also reduce the drink’s caffeine content.

Studies show the sweet spot in terms of the time to drink a cup of java is one hour before your workout. This will provide the best results since you’ll get the best timing from the caffeine. You can also drink it hot or cold and get the same basic results.

Baking Soda 

The fancy name is “sodium bicarbonate,” but it’s the same thing as baking soda. It might be a surprising ingredient for sports supplements. The main benefit is it helps to fight acid buildup within the human body.

Studies show that baking soda might help to lower fatigue during workouts. This results in “burning” muscles that people start feeling. When you experience the burning feeling, it’s a sign of increased acid buildup because you’re doing a high-intensity workout.

Green Coffee 

This variety is the highest-antioxidant tea among processed tea. It’s the least processed, so you’ll get an excellent caffeine kick versus other options like black. Like coffee, make sure to drink it about an hour before you start your workout for the best results.

Top Supplement Ingredients for Nitric Oxides

Green Tea Extract 

This is one of the top options for homemade pre-workout natural drinks with high caffeine levels. Green tea has the most antioxidants among all processed teas. This makes it a good option for energy boosts. It’s also loaded with nitrates to help boost blood flow. That, in turn, can increase your energy levels with a natural caffeine jolt.

Leafy Greens 

This is a go-to ingredient for homemade pre-workout smoothies and shakes. You have lots of options like kale, spinach, and collards.

Tart Cherry 

This particular variety can is especially helpful for increasing blood flow. That, in turn, can give you an energy boost to complete your workouts and get in extra reps/sets. Make sure you go with the tart variety over others for the best results.

Turmeric Extract 

The main ingredient in curry powder is often considered a superfood. Besides making chicken curry tastes great it’s also loaded with nitrates that can increase blood flow. That’s a plus when you’re preparing to do gym workouts, whether it involves an exercise bike, dumbbell curls, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). In these situations, you can benefit from increased blood flow via turmeric.


There’s a reason many people drink orange juice for breakfast. It turns out citrus fruits aren’t just high in Vitamin C but also nitrates. It’s a great ingredient for pre-workout drinks since it helps boost blood flow.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This one has been trending in recent years in many weight loss supplements. This is the natural coffee bean that hasn’t been roasted yet. It’s a good option in terms of antioxidants and energy boosts since it hasn’t undergone high temperatures like roasted coffee.

Besides weight loss, these extracts can also help to boost nitric oxide. This, in turn, can increase blood flow in options like homemade pre-workout drinks.

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