What to Order While Doing the Keto Diet

One of the challenges of the keto diet is being taken out of ketosis. This article discusses several keto-friendly fast food options that you can always enjoy when you are eating out while on keto.

Eating out while on keto

We have been hearing a lot of dieting methods to lose or maintain our weight. Paleo, calorie counting, vegetarian and pescatarian are among the eating habits that people who want to lose weight try. Amidst the lots of dieting methods available to use there is one that stands out. I am certain that you have heard this one as it has gained a lot of followers, celebrities or not. I am talking about the low carb high-fat dieting method keto.

Sticking to the dieting method is crucial to your weight loss journey. This is why it will really help if you prepare your own food to ensure that your food choices adhere to the list of foods that are friendly to your chosen dieting method. However, as much as we want to adhere to this 100%, there are times that we really can’t help to dine out.

Just imagine. It is your mother-in-law’s birthday and she asks to eat at her favorite restaurant. Of course, you don’t want to say no to your mom right. This is where some suggestions and guidelines when eating out while on keto come in handy. Knowing the keto-friendly fast food is also important to ensure that you don’t go astray with your goal. At the same time, you get to enjoy fast food and the company of your loved ones without the guilt.

To help you be victorious in your weight loss journey, here are some tips that you might want to take consideration when eating out while on keto.


1. Disassemble Burrito

Burrito wraps are among the foods that might cause you to backflip from your weight loss journey. This is for the reason that a single serving of this dish has around 50g of carbs and 300 calories.

What if you are in a Mexican restaurant or fast food with your friends? It will really be hard to resist the fresh, hot burritos. To enjoy eating out while on keto, my suggestion is to go with the disassemble burrito. This dish is easy to make as instead of the wrap version, you can cut out some calories and carbs by ordering the burrito bowl.

Leafy green vegetables are perfect for those on keto so you can use these as a base for your bowl. Add some meat to your bowl and other keto-friendly foods such as salsa, guacamole, avocado, and herbs. Don’t forget to avoid those that are known for having high carbs such as corn and tortilla chips. Some of the keto-friendly fast-food burrito bowls are the ones available at Chipotle, Taco Bell and Moe’s Southwestern Grill.


2. Chicken Burgers or Sandwiches Sans the Buns

One thing to remember when eating out while on keto is to avoid bread and rice as these are high in carbs. I know your dilemma. What if you are dining on fast food chains? Most of the foods served there are high in carbs.

When in this situation, you can also go for keto-friendly fast food alternative such as chicken burgers without the buns. Some of those that you can always try when you are eating out while on keto are the grilled chicken sandwich from Burger King, the pico guacamole sandwich at McDonald’s and the grilled chicken sandwich from Wendy’s. Make sure to eat them without the bun and mayo and you can limit your calorie intake to 280 to 350.


3. Keto-Friendly Fast Food Salads

Not all salads suit the food options of keto dieters, especially those that are available at many fast-food places. This is because most ingredients added to the salads are known to have high carbs and sugar. Some points to remember when eating out while on keto are to stick to the salads without dressings, dried fruits, and marinades.

Looking for keto-friendly fast food salads? McDonald’s serves a 380 calorie-bacon and chicken salad to those who are eating our while on keto. The Chipotle salad bowl and the turkey farmhouse salad from Arby can also be your to-go foods as their carbs are at 10 grams at the most.


4. Keto-Friendly Fast Food Breakfasts

Enjoy your mornings with your loved ones. Eating out while on a keto diet is now easy once you know the best keto-friendly fast food breakfasts in town. One of the most staple foods for keto dieters is the egg. So if you are on a ketogenic diet, it is best to order for breakfast meals that are served with eggs.

Eggs can surely help you with your keto journey because each egg only has a gram of carbs at the most. The big breakfast sans the hash browns as well as the bacon, egg and cheese breakfast meal at McDonald’s are some of the keto-friendly fast food dishes that you can enjoy.


5. Meats Wrapped in Lettuce

Lettuce wrapped meals are among those that I enjoy at restaurants. This is why I recommend these to those who are in search for food to try when eating out while on keto. In addition to the meat inside the wrap that is surely high in fat and protein that you need, lettuce is low in carbs which make this meal friendly to all who are on keto. Among those that are perfect for your diet are the protein style wrap from In-n-Out Burger as well as the thickburger in lettuce at Carl’s Jr. Five Guys and Hardees also have their own lettuce wrapped versions that will surely help those on a keto diet.


6. Low Carbs Drinks

Of course, your fast food experience will not be complete without ending your meal with a cold and relaxing beverage. Worry no more. Save yourself the trouble as there are beverages that are friendly for keto dieters, you just got to find them.

A good example of low carbs drinks is the unsweetened iced tea and soda water. If you are on a breakfast meeting or date, some restaurants now offer the bulletproof coffee or you can just go with the plain black iced coffee or hot tea with lemon juice. This way you are assured that you will not deviate from your keto plan.

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