12 Best Deltoid Exercises For Women

Deltoid exercises are one way to build your shoulders. To give you an idea of the things you can do. We will be looking at the 12 best deltoid exercises for women.

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Exercise routines have become a thing for both men and women. Many men and women now spend so many hours in the gym. Their reasons actually vary but one common reason why many people workout is to stay fit. The exercise routines that are commonly done among men are different from the ones done by women. One common exercise that women opt for is deltoid exercise. There are many exercises that can be done to build the deltoid. That’s why for today we will be looking at some of the deltoid exercises for women. 

12 Best Deltoid Exercises for Women 

One thing that you must take note of when it comes to exercises is that doing the right routines is very important. After knowing the routine you must also make sure that you are doing it the right way. With that, you can be sure that it would be effective. That’s why we will take a look at the deltoid exercises for women and how they should be done. With this, you would be well-guided as to what to do when you want to build your deltoid muscles. Let’s waste no more and get right into it. 

1. Around the world

This is also known as the swimmers’ routine. All you have to do is lie down flat on your stomach. Then let your hands be pointed forward as you raise your legs off the ground. And then let your chest be elevated as well. Then move your hands forward and backward like in a swimming position. This would do a great job of squeezing the shoulder muscles altogether. This should be done 15 times in a set. 

2. Upright row

Make sure that your feet are apart and straight. Then hold a dumbbell in each hand. And make sure the palms are towards the body. Also, the weights should be touching your quads. Then lift the dumbbells to the chest. Make sure that while you do that your elbow is rightly placed. It should be up and wide. For this routine, 12 rounds should be done in a set. 

3. Lateral raise

The feet should be apart. Then hold a dumbbell in each of your hands. Your palms should be facing your body. And your arms should be right at your side. Then all you have to do is raise your arms in an outward position and make sure it becomes parallel to the ground. Then do this repetitively for 12 times in a set. 

4. Kneeling one-arm

All you have to do is kneel down on your right knee. Then the left knee should be in a 90 degrees position. Your arm should be at the side and then your foot flat on the floor. Then in the right arm, there should be a dumbbell. Raise the dumbbell all the way and stop at the level of the right shoulder. Make sure that when you are doing this your arm is straight. For this routine, it’s 12 in a set. 

5. Bent over-fly

The first thing to do is stand and make sure your feet are apart. Then try bending your torso to be parallel with the floor. Then make sure your knees are a bit bent. Then get a pair of dumbbells in both hands. Then raise both arms to the side until they become parallel. Make sure that when doing this your shoulder blades are being squeezed. This is also 12 rounds in a set. 

6. Shoulder press

Stand on your feet and make sure that your feet are apart. Then make sure your knees are bent slightly. Then hold a dumbbell in your hand and your arms should be bent at about 90 degrees. Your elbows should be wide. When taking the weights up and make sure your arms are straight. Hold it in there for about a second and then for another 3 seconds lower the dumbbells. This should be done 12 times in a set. 

12 best deltoid exercise for women

7. One arm external rotation

Here you have to stand and make sure that your feet are apart. Then bend your knees slightly. Your left hand should be holding a dumbbell and then your right hand should be on your hip. The elbow of your left hand should be pinned to the waist. While making sure that the elbow is in place rotate the weight to the side. This should be a rotation of about 45 degrees. After that go back to the start. For this, you would have to do 15 rounds in a set. 

8. Arm circles

Stand and make sure that your legs are apart. Then extend your arms out to the side at the level of your shoulder height. Your palms should be facing the floor. Then in a clockwise manner make circles with your arm. This should be done for about 15 times in a set. 

9. Car drivers

Here you also have to make sure that your feet are apart. Then hold the dumbbell in your hand. Make sure your arms are extended forward in a straight manner. Turn the weight to the right and then to the left. Make sure that the exercise seems like you are driving a car. For a set, this should be done for about 30 seconds. 

10. Dumbbell raises then pull-apart

With your feet apart hold a dumbbell in each hand. Make sure your elbows are straight and then lift the arms to the level of the shoulder. Then open the arms in a parallel manner. This should be done slowly. Then reverse the movement. This should be done 15 times in a set. 

11. Single-arm raise

Stand and make sure your feet are apart. Hold a dumbbell in one hand and the other hand should be placed by your side. Then gently raise the other arm with the dumbbell up until it becomes parallel with the floor. This should be done 15 times in a set.

12. Shoulder taps

All you have to do is stay in a high plank position. The feet should be wide apart. Lift the hand up and then tap the opposite shoulder. Do this continuously for about 30 seconds. 

With all the 12 deltoid exercises for women listed above, you will be able to build your deltoid muscles well. And this would give your shoulder a stronger build than before. Just make sure that you are consistent with the exercises.

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