How Many Carbs Per Day To Lose Weight For A Woman

Are you a woman who wants to lose weight? If so then you should know how many carbs per day to lose weight for a woman. This figure might be different compared to carbs men should consume to lose weight.

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How many carbs per day to lose weight for a woman? If you’re a woman, you might be wondering how much you have to cut carbs to lose weight. For example, is this figure different for women than men? Today low-carb diets have been trending, including Keto and Atkins. These diets decrease carbs, so the body goes into the state of ketosis. This results in people getting energy from stored fat instead of food carbs. This is Plan B since the body prefers to get energy from food. However, if carbs are low enough start getting energy from stored fat.

How much carb-cutting should you do to lose weight? An average figure is 50g to 150g of carbs per day. This isn’t very low but still lower than the average modern diet. Meanwhile, the Keto and Atkins diet can be as low as 20g of carbs per day. It depends on various factors like your current weight/height. You should also consider issues like age, gender, and weight loss goals. All of these factors can affect the number of carbs you should consume daily to lose weight. For example, you might want to go low-carb but not consume the daily carb count in a dish with blueberries and strawberries (20g).

What’s a Low-carb Diet?  

You’ve probably heard of the term “low-carb” diet. If you’re a man or woman then you’ll want to know how much you should reduce carbs to reach your weight loss goals. This is important because it’s important to consume the “right” amount of calories/carbs to lose enough weight.

A low carb diet reduces high-carb foods. These include ones like refined grains, baked goods with white flour, white sugar, sugary fruits, and starchy vegetables. Some of these foods can be quite healthy including sweet potatoes and oranges. However, you avoid them on a low carb diet.

One of the main foods that are avoided on a low-carb diet is refined wheat flour. This includes different foods like bread and pasta. These can provide health benefits. However, they’re also very starchy and can result in blood sugar spikes. This is a situation to avoid since it results in health issues like weight gain.

Going low-carb can provide several health benefits. For example, when you go low-carb your body first uses up all the carbs from your previous meal. It then gets carbs from stored glucose (blood sugar). You then get good energy from stored fat and liver-produced molecules known as ketones.

There are a few key benefits of low-carb foods like Keto. One of the main ones is that you don’t have to do any calorie counting. This can be a hassle even though there are mobile apps to make the process easier.

Diets like Keto focus on consuming food that involves little or not food processing. So, you don’t have to worry about taking dietary supplements. You can instead get all your carbs, protein, and fats from healthy food

The process can differ some from one diet to another. For example, Atkins allows unlimited fat and protein. Meanwhile, Keto puts carbs at 10%, protein at 20%, and fats at 70%. You can boost fat and crop carbs.

How Many Carbs Per Day to Lose Weight for a Woman?

This is a big debate for both women and men who are trying to lose weight. For example, if you’re on a low-carb diet then you’ll have to reduce carbs. Even if it’s down to 150g of carbs per day, the figure is still lower than when you’re getting two-thirds of your calories from carbs.

There are two main camps in terms of carb intake related to weight loss. There’s the trending approach of low-carb diets that reduce carbs so your body goes into a state of “ketosis.” This causes you to get energy from fat instead of carbs.

However, there’s also the approach of following a higher-carb diet. The reason is it’s argued that carbs can provide several health benefits. They include weight loss. One of the diets you can pick is something called carb cycling. This requires you to consume meals that are either low, moderate, or high in carbs.

It’s worth noting that this approach focuses on “good carbs.” In other words, you still won’t be consuming foods like white bread, white rice, or sugary drinks. These are high-carb foods that can cause blood sugar spikes and weight gain. These are situations you’ll want to avoid if your goal is weight loss.

However, when consuming carbs you should still consume “good” carbs. That includes foods like beans and whole grains, which sometimes aren’t allowed on low-carb diets like Keto. These foods are chock-full of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fiber.  

Various factors can affect how many carbs you consume during a day. They include your current weight, physical activity, and weight loss goals. For example, if you’re doing high-intensity workouts you should boost your carbs. However, if you sit all day then you won’t need extra carbs. In that case, you can go lower-carb.

Top Weight-Loss Tips for Women

1. Consume more protein

This might be surprising. However, there are various ways that protein can help you lose weight. One is boosting the amino acids that help the brain/body connection. This helps your brain inform your gut when it’s full so you avoid overeating. Protein is also very filling so you’ll be less likely to eat snacks between meals.

2. Do more cardio

You should also make sure to do strength training. Also, you should avoid just doing slow cardio like walking on a treadmill. You have several options like jogging, swimming, rowing, and biking. These are some of the several ways you can do more cardio and lose weight.

3. Consume more H2O

This is especially true if you’re doing workouts. This is the only natural food that’s 0-calories. Make sure you’re drinking at least 8 8-ounce glasses of water per day. You should drink more if you’re doing workouts or in a hot environment, for example. This will help to keep you hydrated. The key is to consume enough water to provide benefits like body detox. This can help you to shed pounds and burn fat.

4. Do weight-resistance exercises

If you do slow/steady cardio you can lose some weight. However, if you want to maximize your weight loss then combine cardio with weight-resistance training. This can help to provide better results. Studies show this is a good option to achieve the most weight loss.

5. Reduce refined carbs

This includes ones like white bread and white rice. The problem is they cause blood sugar spikes faster than whole grains. That’s a situation you’ll want to avoid. Some low-carb diets don’t allow any grains. However, if they’re allowed, then go with whole grains after learning how many carbs per day to lose weight for a woman.

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