Nutritional Facts of Black Beans

Boosting our cardiovascular health, protecting us from inflammation and addressing fatigue are a few of the health benefits from black beans. Read more to learn about the other important black beans nutrition.

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One of the healthiest legumes, black beans are often added to soups and main dishes as these are packed with a lot of nutrients. The legumes are popular for having resistant starch that can easily go through our digestive system. Compared to other foods with starch, these are diabetic-friendly since resistant starch does not go through the process of digestion and can easily be turned to simple sugars. When this happens, nutrition experts believe that it will not result to an increase in our blood sugar level.

Also due to its resistant starch, the legumes rank below the others in the glycemic index. The health benefits of black beans do not and there. Since it can easily pass through our upper digestive tract, then it will reach the large intestine and will provide great energy supply through short chain fatty acids.

Most of the time we think green leafy vegetables and the citrus fruits to be the healthy ones. This may be true but recent research showed black beans to be ranking among them. From the seed cover to the core, these legumes have a lot of benefits for us to enjoy. To learn more about this, it is best that we take a look at the black beans nutrition and what these can do or contribute to our health.


For every half cup of the beans, we can get 20 grams of carbohydrates. There’s no need for a cup of rice or potatoes or bread to go with your main dish. Because according to black beans nutrition, these will provide you the fuel that you need to do your tasks or chores.

Although these are packed with carbohydrates, you can take your guards down. Many nutritionists believe that carbs come with soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. The fiber content makes the legumes more popular to people who have a weight loss target. In addition to this, some cancers and heart disease risk are the other benefits that we can get from black beans because of its fiber, carbohydrates and resistant starch content.


Another black beans nutrition that we can really enjoy is its protein content. Considered by many to be a protein powerhouse, the legumes have a lot of these nutrient to support our daily energy need. Pairing black beans with corn or rice will also do us good. Some medical professionals agree that the essential amino acids found in other starchy vegetables are helpful for us to get the proteins that cannot be produced in our body.

Having sufficient protein is important to our daily lives. Ensuring that we have enough of this nutrient is essential to hinder weight gain. It will also help address fatigue, poor skin health, eye problems, muscle weakness and many more.


Black beans nutritional facts show that a half-cup serving of the legumes will give us only 0.35 grams of total fat. What is more is that most of the fats found in black beans are polyunsaturated such as omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. Many people believe that these fatty acids are very helpful especially when it comes to fighting serious diseases like cancers.

Other Micronutrients

The nutrients present in black beans do not end there. These legumes are also filled with other healthy micronutrients like folate. Folate is very essential to pregnant or expectant moms. It helps supply the red blood cells that we need. As for pregnant women, folate is crucial to the development of the neural tube to prevent any brain defects in babies.

Another black beans nutrition that we all can enjoy is the magnesium, manganese as well as thiamin. Potassium is also present in them. Clinical experts also recommend black beans to those who suffer from anemia because these are a good iron source.


Like the other healthy foods, black beans are rich in antioxidants. Nutritionists recommend these to us because they have phytochemical compounds as well as flavonoid. These act as anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants that protect us from different forms of cancers and other diseases.

Many clinical research were done to assess black beans nutrition. Some of these studies found this legume to show promise in alleviating gene mutation as well as DNA damages. Other studies also found that adding this to our bdient can help boost our brain health and protect us from some form of brain impairments.

Zinc and B Vitamins

Considered as among the healthiest foods in the world by many nutritionists, black beans have enough zinc to boost our immunity. Aside from zinc, B vitamins are also present which help protect us from metabolic syndrome, leaky gut, fibromyalgia and other common diseases.

Alternative Medicine Use of Black Beans

Because of the health benefits that we can get from black beans, many experts found these to be helpful in alternative medicine. Some people use these to improve their blood circulation. Others use the beans to balance blood pressure and strengthen the heart. Other researchers and medical experts also promote black beans to people who are having health issues such as blurry vision, kidney disorder, knee pain, back pain as well as seminal emissions.

Comparison of Black Beans Nutrition With Pinto Beans

Another food in the legumes family that is also rich in nutrients is the pinto beans. Similar to black beans, pinto beans are high in micronutrients like copper, folate, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. However, when it comes to protein and carbohydrates, black beans still exceed those of pinto beans.

Additional Information About Black Beans

Like other foods, precautionary measures are important before eating black beans as these may pose allergic reactions to some people. For instance, some medical professionals mention that digestive discomfort is a complaint raised by few people when eating these legumes. They believe that it can be due to the high starch and fiber content of the beans. To address this, nutritionists suggest to introduce it to your daily diet gradually and not consume high amounts of it at first eating. By doing this, it can ease your digestion and prevent other side effects.

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