10 Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Men

If you’re looking for the best meal replacement shakes for men you have several options. Consider factors like ingredients, nutrition, flavor, and price. These factors can help you choose wisely.

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What are the best meal replacement shakes for men? Fun Fact: The drink mix Tang was launched 60+ years ago in 1957 and has been used during NASA’s space flights. While Tang isn’t technically a meal replacement product it’s been advertised as having more Vitamin C than orange juice. Today dieters, athletes, and weightlifters often consume meal replacement shake for functions like losing weight and building lean muscle mass. It’s now worth over $16 billion globally. You can pick from a wide range of products on the market if you’re looking for different beverages like shakes. You can get all the macro/micronutrients you need.

When picking a meal replacement shake you have several factors to consider. One of the main ones is what you’re replacing your meal with. This includes the shake’s carbs, protein, and fat. Then there are the micronutrients including vitamins and minerals. These are some of the biggest issues to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need. Other factors include the shake’s brand, flavor, and price. These are secondary issues but are still important to take up so you can pick the most important shake. This will help you to get the best all-around results.

What Exactly Are Meal Replacement Shakes?

As the name suggests these shakes are designed to replace an entire meal with a tasty shake. As always the best source of nutrients is real food. This is even true when you want to achieve results like weight loss.

However, one of the problems in the hustle and bustle of today’s world is the time and effort required to make home-cooked meals. This is what “meal replacement” products are all about. They’re available in forms like powders, shakes, and bars.

It’s important to note that these hakes are different from other popular options. For example, they’re not the same as standard milkshakes you can buy at fast-food restaurants. They’re even different than homemade shakes you can prepare in blenders.

There are a few caveats to consider when drinking meal replacement shakes. You should consider nutritional value. That includes what’s listed in the ingredients and nutrition facts. It’s important to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antibiotics, and probiotics you need.

This can help to provide you with the daily nutrients and energy you need to get through the day. Meanwhile, if a shake is low-nutrient you’ll be getting a lot less nutrients versus real food.

Then there’s the number of additives that are added to the shake. Unfortunately, many meal replacement products are loaded with stuff like sugar and artificial colors/flavors/ingredients. This can offset any benefits you get like low-calorie/carbs.

Sugar, in particular, can provide several issues. They include blood sugar spikes, inflammation, and a higher risk of heart disease. These are situations you’ll want to avoid with meal replacement products.

Then there’s the issue of how many meals you should replace. In general, you should limit how many meals you replace with dietary supplements. You can never fully replace real food with dietary supplements. One meal/day should generally be tops.

Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Men

1. RSP TrueFit

You get more than 25g of whey protein. There’s also 5g of BCAAs and neurotransmitters. One serving includes 12 organic fruits/veggies and 8g of prebiotics for gut health.

2. Orgain

This is an organic powder for meal replacement. Each serving has 20g of protein and 8g of fiber. The product includes organic greens, sprouts, veggies, and fruits. One serving is just 220 calories.

3. Soylent

This provides a full meal that’s ideal for breakfast/lunch. You get 20g of plant protein. One serving has 30+ vitamins/minerals and is equal to two meals.

4. Ample Meal Shake

This is made from natural proteins and fiber. You also get “good” bacteria from probiotics. Vanilla is the only flavor but there are also 400/600 calorie options.

5. SlimFast Original

This is an oldie but goodie. This is a popular meal replacement shake that’s famous for its macro blend, easy prep, and taste. Replace 3 meals with a single serving!

6. Organifi

This product is 100% vegan and made from plant-based enzymes and proteins for a healthy metabolism. You get all the vitamins/minerals you need as well as carbs/protein/fats. It mixes up in 5 seconds.  

7. Ideal Shake

This one has more than 11 grams of whey protein, 20+ vitamins and lots of dietary fiber. You get a 20-calorie smooth/creamy shake. Flavors include mint chocolate chip.

8. Lean Body

This Labrada drink offers 40 grams of whey protein/serving. You can pick from 8 tasty flavors including chocolate and vanilla. One serving provides nutrients/energy for the day.

9. Garden of Life

This product has more than 20+ or organic protein and almost 45 ingredients. This product helps you build lean muscle mass and boost energy. One serving equals two meals.

10. Click Coffee

This product is both a coffee and a meal replacement drink. It’s one serving to replace your AM meal with a cup of coffee with 150mg of energizing caffeine.

Top Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes

1. Convenience

Most of your meals during the day should be from real food. In theory, they should all be but sometimes it isn’t possible. If you’re going to substitute one meal with a supplement it should be convenient. Meal replacement shakes can certainly be a plus.

In some cases, you might want to add meal replacement powder, milk, and fresh fruit to a blender. However, if it’s not a practical option then go with powder and water sometimes. This is a lot easier and faster yet still provides you with about one-third of your daily nutrients.

2. Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight/burn fat then dietary supplements can help. You probably shouldn’t replace all your meals with them. However, swapping in a supplement 1x per day can help you to reduce your caloric intake.

Let’s say a supplement is about 200 calories. That’s just 10% of your calories on a 2,000-calorie diet. This can help you consume about 500 calories fewer than average per meal. Yet if you pick the right supplement you’ll still be getting all the nutrients you need.

3. Nutrition

You can find many shakes that offer total nutrition including macros and micros. It’s important to get all the nutrients you need daily including carbs/protein/fat and vitamins/minerals/enzymes. Keep in mind you should generally replace a maximum of one meal with a supplement. You’ll need to track your macros/micros for the rest of the day to get all the nutrients you need.

4. Easy Preparation

This is one of the main benefits of these products. Some can be prepared in 5 seconds. There are a few real food meals you could prepare in that timeframe. It might be surprising but some meal replacement products are actually quite tough to prepare. Shakes tend to be quite easy including the best meal replacement shakes for men. 

best meal replacement shakes for men

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