5 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar For Blood Pressure

If you want to lower blood pressure one option is apple cider vinegar for blood pressure. Studies show that ACV might provide several health benefits including lower blood pressure. This can help to prevent conditions like heart disease.

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Do you have high blood pressure? The American Heart Association (AHA) reports about one-third of all Americans have high blood pressure. This can be a serious condition that can lead to other health conditions like heart disease. So it’s important to treat the condition with effective options like apple cider vinegar for blood pressure. ACV is a home remedy that’s used to treat a wide range of health conditions. It’s been on the market for several decades and has been trending in recent years. This has been greatly due to many people trying to avoid the high costs and side-effects of prescription drugs.   

ACV is a popular DIY remedy for many health conditions. It’s made from distilled apple juice involving a 2-step fermentation process. There’s no question that apples are a superfood. However, their nutritional value increases when combined with vinegar. The healthiest option is raw/organic ACV that includes a super-healthy substance known as the “mother.” In ancient Greece, the Father of Medicine Hippocrates once argued that food should be medicine and medicine should be food. It’s ironic that many people are returning to natural and organic treatments for different health conditions like high blood pressure for benefits like safety and cost.  

What Exactly Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

You’ve probably heard of apples, cider, and vinegar. However, what in the world is apple cider vinegar (ACV)? It’s mostly made up of apple juice. However, this is a different product from Mott’s apple juice you can find at the supermarket.

The big difference is the fermenting process that involves adding vinegar to the fruit juice. Here’s how it works. The first step is to add yeast to the juice to convert the juice’s sugars into alcohol. This is known as “fermentation” and is also done when making foods like wine, sauerkraut, and miso soup.

Friendly bacteria then convert the alcohol into something called “acetic acid.” This is actually one of the most critical substances found in ACV and credited for many of its health benefits. It’s also why vinegar has a sour taste as well as a super-strong smell.

ACV has been used for a long time as a DIY remedy for different health conditions. That includes skin conditions and sore throat. You can mix honey and ACV to make a treatment for sore/strep throat that many people claim is very effective.

The caveat is there have been few studies done on the effectiveness of home remedies like ACV. This doesn’t mean they don’t work. There’s just a limited amount of science that supports the claims that ACV is an effective folk remedy for treating all sorts of health conditions including varicose veins.

The best evidence for ACV’s effectiveness is for improving digestive health. However, there’s mixed, little, or no evidence about the other health conditions that ACV can reportedly treat effectively.

ACV’s “mother” is believed to be the main substance that makes ACV healthy. It’s the stuff in “raw” ACV that makes it look darker with “slime” floating in it. These are actually friendly bacteria that are absent in the filter ACV products.  

Apple Cider Vinegar for Blood Pressure: Possible Health Benefits

1. Reduces belly fat

There’s no “spot reduction” of fat. In other words, you’ll have to reduce your total body fat to lose belly fat. However, some studies show ACV can help with weight loss. Fun Fact: Each pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. So if you lose enough weight you can lose belly fat.

2. Lowers blood pressure

This is the most direct way ACV can affect your blood pressure. Some studies show that it might help to lower blood pressure. This is important because high blood pressure can lead to various health conditions like strokes and heart attacks. If you have high blood pressure it’s important to monitor it and take steps to lower it.  

3. Lower blood cholesterol

This is another possible benefit of ACV. High cholesterol and blood pressure are often found in the same patients including overweight/obese people. It’s important to lower your total and “bad” cholesterol levels. Some studies show that ACV might help in this area. It’s another reason to consider adding the fermented drink to your daily diet.  

4. Better heart health

There are various factors including blood pressure that are linked to heart health. If you have high blood pressure it’s critical to reduce it for various benefits including better heart health. You can also help to reduce your risk of heart attacks. ACV is one of the several home remedies that might be helpful in this area.  

5. Weight loss

If you’re on a diet, it can be tough to shed pounds sometimes. ACV might be an effective beverage to achieve that goal. Some studies show the combination of apples and vinegar might achieve weight loss through methods like higher metabolism and body detox. These are some of the various ways you can shed pounds with ACV.

Tips for Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

1. Eat more high-potassium foods

One of the problems with the so-called Standard American Diet (SAD) is it’s high-sodium and low-potassium. It’s important to get potassium from whole foods like bananas. This can help to offset the effects of sodium, which is a plus in terms of high blood pressure.

There are various options to consider including:

  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Beans/Peas
  • Fatty Fish
  • Leafy Greens
  • Melons
  • Milk
  • Nuts/Seeds
  • Oranges
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Yogurt

Make sure to go with little/no processing.

2. Consume fewer alcoholic drinks

Studies show that drinking one can/bottle of beer or a glass of wine daily can provide several benefits. However, it’s quite another thing when you have a problem with binge drinking. In that case, it can cause several health conditions including high blood pressure.

If you already have health conditions related to alcohol consumption then you should consider quitting cold turkey. This will help to control various health conditions related to the liver and kidneys, for example.

3. Reduce salt/sodium intake

When people talk about salt intake they often focus on table salt. However, you should also watch for added salt in pre-packaged foods, fast food, etc. High sodium intake can cause various health issues including high blood pressure, which can lead to events like heart attacks and strokes.

The American Heart Association recommends most adults not consume more than 1500mg of sodium per day. This can help to control/prevent high blood pressure, which is a good thing.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercise can provide several health benefits. That includes ones for your muscles, heart, lungs, etc. While the heart rate increases during exercise it can actually lowering your average heart rate and blood pressure. It’s recommended that you try to exercise 1-2 hours most days of the week, which can help like other home remedies including apple cider vinegar for blood pressure.

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